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Fight over MEC name, symbols

MASERU – A SHADOWY political outfit wants the Director of Elections Letholetseng Ntsike to revoke the registration of the Movement for Economic Change (MEC) party. The Majalefa Development Movement (MDM)


CCX wins PISA Challenge trophy

HLOTSE – POPULAR Front for Democracy (PFD) leader Lekhetho Rakuoane says unless the constitution is respected Lesotho will not transform for the better. Addressing the PFD’s final rally ahead of

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Test of patience at border

MASERU – THE queues at the Maseru border post are long and meandering. Just to clear their goods at the border post is a strenuous exercise which tests their patience.

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US$4 million loan for water project

MASERU – THE Global Environment Facility (GEF) and African Development Bank (AfDB) have approved a US$4 million (about M52 million) loan for Lesotho’s water supply and sanitation project. The GEF


Season of silliness

MUCKRAKER has heard a sorry story of a senior politician who is donating shoes to poor villagers. He says he is doing it out of his goodness of the heart


Let us think while we rest

In the darkness of the night, there are stars to guide the way of the traveller in the night, and if there be clouds, there is the innately acquired instinct


Key factors for success

In the business world there are so many things that attract our attention and therefore can distract us from the important issues that business leaders need to pay attention to.


Break down the Constitution for the layman

We live in a society where everything is systematic. Progression is dependent on fulfilling the requirements of a preceding phase or threshold. We find ourselves in constant need to prove


Is the Council of State a ‘white elephant’?

Recent developments in the country have prompted serious debate amongst politicians, legal scholars and ordinary citizens alike over the role and powers of the Council of State. I shall strive


Stop intimidating civil servants

WE note with grave concern the threats by opposition parties to punish any civil servant who will sign off a procurement of services and goods for the government. The opposition