North Korea’s ICBM

“American bastards would be not very happy with this gift sent on the July 4 anniversary,” said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un about his country’s first successful test of an


We are captured but not by the Guptas

Pick any newspaper, tune in to any radio or TV station in South Africa on any given day and you are bound to read about or hear the mention of


A touch of diplomacy

MASERU – THERE is a certain guardedness when Ralechate ’Mokose, 68, a former diplomat, speaks. Every word he speaks appears to be carefully picked so as not to unnecessarily offend


When push comes to shove

MASERU – Braving the biting cold, hordes of men line walkways along Maseru’s Main North 1 Road or stand in front of the Basotho Enterprises Development Corporation and Oxford Building.


Ramainoane’s wife buried

MASERU – THE wife of MoAfrika FM Managing Director, Ratabane Ramainoane, was laid to rest last weekend at Koung Ha-Chere on the outskirts of Maseru. ’Maclein Chere Ramainoane died after

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‘My wife was no witch’

MAFETENG – The image of his wife lying in a pool of blood — her head hacked by an axe and neck stabbed multiple times — has haunted him daily


The politicisation of Lesotho’s police

The mandate of the police in all democracies is to provide security, particularly to poor and underprivileged communities. During the 1970/80s, we saw this mandate suffering badly in Lesotho. There

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Top cop flees to SA

MASERU – A SENIOR police officer, Senior Superintendent Lebohang Setsomi, fled the country on Monday after claiming his life was in danger. He is now in hiding in South Africa.