What nature teaches us

Ants should have a special place reserved for them everywhere they go; forget the new declarations on their being ‘invasive’ by the most destructive species on earth, the newbie: the


The rubbish of culture

YOU know a debate is about to go haywire when an African starts mumbling something about culture and tradition to justify rank barbarity. In Lesotho it starts with a vague


Coping with Trump

We have to face facts: there is no US federal government any more in the normal sense of the word. Social Security payments still get made and the 2.79 million


The rule of fear

Since the unfortunate killing of three army officers at the Ratjomose Barracks on September 5, 2017, Basotho have been bombarded by narratives that inspire fear in citizens from their own


Take Amnesty criticism on the chin

WE are not surprised that the government has reacted angrily to a damning statement by Amnesty International on the human rights situation in Lesotho. The human rights watchdog said Prime


Let’s talk about this Marijuana industry

THE legalisation and decriminalisation of cannabis has been a moot point for decades. The issue has been revived once again with the recent news surfacing about the issuing of a

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Family tormented by ‘evil spirits’

TEYA-TEYANENG – A sangoma, 78-year-old ’Maliketso Tsibela is often called upon to deliver people bedevilled by mysterious misfortunes they can’t quite get answers on from orthodox science and medicine. Yet,

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Controversial Chief Justice’s lease deal still in force

A sub-lease agreement that saw a High Court judge secure a lavish mansion in Maseru is still in force despite an internal audit report condemning the arrangement in March this

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Path for Mosito’s return cleared

MASERU – THE government is set to remove legal obstacles that are standing in the way of Justice Kananelo Mosito’s return as Court of Appeal President. thepost can reveal that

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M14 million budgeted for Mosito’s ouster

MASERU – FORMER Attorney General (AG) Tšokolo Makhethe was so determined to push out Court of Appeal President Justice Kananelo Mosito that he asked the government to provide a staggering