On being the solution

Correcting where (what/when) others have gone/done wrong seems the darnedest thing to the figure that relies more on the weaker instinct of the common critic, that is; them that play


Calm down JP

HOORAY! A new party is about to crash-land into Lesotho’s political jungle. The Socialist Revolutionary Party will be launched in December at what Muckraker hears will be massive shindig well-oiled


Unpacking the historical roots of Lesotho’s political instability

“I regard conversion of Basuto into British subjects… as the best guarantee we can take against future disturbances (i.e. instability).” Sir Philip Edmond Wodehouse to the Secretary of State for


We must remain optimistic

A few weeks ago I learned that one of my old friends from way back in high school was hospitalised for depression and anxiety. I then realised just how much


Embrace reconciliation

EUROPEAN Union (EU) ambassador to Lesotho, Christian Manahl, spoke passionately last week about the need for forgiveness and true reconciliation for Basotho. The two qualities of forgiveness and reconciliation could


How is the coalition government doing?

I can bet my last Loti that you will get as many answers to this question as there are voters in Lesotho. Some will say the government is doing well

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When love is blind

MASERU – IT was a case of sudden blindness that left Motsie Shao totally bewildered. Without any scientific explanation for what had befallen him, some of Shao’s relatives and friends

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Police minister says fight fire with fire

MASERU – POLICE Minister ’Mampho Mokhele says it’s time to fight fire with fire against perpetrators of violence against the elderly. She said the police should ruthlessly pursue those who


Makgothi rejects nepotism charge

MASERU – Foreign Affairs Minister Lesego Makgothi on Tuesday rejected charges that the government was dishing out jobs on the basis of nepotism. Makgothi was speaking in the wake of

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Police ‘summon LCD spokesman’

MASERU – THE spokesperson for the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD), Teboho Sekata, has been summoned to report himself to the police this morning. Sekata told thepost yesterday that he