Roof of Africa preps intensify

MASERU – Preparations for the 2017 Roof of Africa have intensified for local riders as the annual motorbike showpiece draws closer. The tough off-road race, dubbed the Mother of Hard


Chinese hand over fertilizers, seeds

BUTHA-BUTHE – THE Charg’e d’Affaires and Political Counsellor at the Chinese Embassy in Maseru, Song Changqing, says their goal is to deepen the level of friendship between Basotho and China.

Local News

Push to end child marriages

MASERU – GENDER Minister Kabelo Mafura says the government must tighten laws that protect children to end child marriages in Africa. Mafura was speaking at the launch of the End


Taking mabele to the next level

ROMA – It turns out Basotho have a long love affair with sorghum (mabele). Yet the company being incubated at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) is taking the taste


Steady progress for Lesotho

MASERU – LESOTHO is making steady progress in making it easier for businessmen to set base in the country, according to the latest Ease of Doing Business report released by


Give Size Two some weed

CONFESSION time! Without an ounce of shame, Muckraker admits that she once puffed some matekoane. Don’t ask her when for it’s none of your business. Just know that she lost


Find a mentor to move you in the fast lane

Life is too short for us to learn everything that we need in order for one to succeed. We would rather tap onto others’ experiences, skills and knowledge. The only


Writing about writing

A word . . . stems from somewhere, is inspired somehow by something, some occurrence at first not clearly understood, but with the passage of time unravels its meanings in


Unpacking the historical roots of Lesotho’s political instability

. . . Continuation from last week Towards an Explanation of Political Stability during Colonial Rule Apart from chiefly land disputes between Lerotholi and Maama (1893-94)—itself an indication of land


Reforms must now take off

A 1 200-strong SADC standby force is expected in Lesotho this week to oversee key reforms. This is in line with a SADC resolution to send a force to help