Syria: A carnival of treachery

There are comical elements in the current Turkish invasion of northern Syria. Its name, for example: Operation Olive Branch. Or the frantic back-pedalling by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


Do we remember who we are?

Any manly (human) being is not without a name, for the name in everyday nomenclature is what denotes individuality/ness. Without a name, all one is are the common human features


The crisis of constitutionalism in Lesotho

The advent of coalition politics in the aftermath of the inconclusive 2012 election brought with it fresh challenges to constitutionalism in Lesotho. The challenges started with the process of the


Open letter to Prime Minister Thabane

Dear His Excellency Rt Hon. Prime Minister It is just a little over a month ago (December 9, 2017) when we, concerned supporters of the speedy resolution to the swearing


Narrow your demands

A few months back the opposition parties wrong-footed the government by insisting they would not participate in the reforms until their exiled leaders are safely back home. Experienced politicians in


We need ‘more opposition’ and not ‘no opposition’

In a democracy, an elected government gives out its best performance when there is a strong and effective opposition. A government that has no opposition seldom excels.  This is because

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Employer stones 12-year-old herdboy to death

MASERU – HE was tied to a pole and whipped for hours. When his employer was tired of beating the 12-year-old boy, he finally stoned him to death. Despite his cries


The road to damnation

…villagers sceptical as officials gush about plans to build ‘proper road’ MASERU – Taxi owner Lefuma Ralitapole is a busy man. But he is not making any money. Running a


Sorting one square inch at a time

MASERU – FORMED in 2011, the Land Administration Authority (LAA) is probably one of the most misunderstood organisations in the country. Not that its mandate is opaque or that it has

Local News

Police foil students’ protest

MASERU – POLICE were called in after students at the National Health Training College (NHTC) threatened to run amok on Monday over a battery of grievances they say the management