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Redefining the soul of furniture

ROMA – FEW things are as common as furniture made from wood. Yet Setlhare Jane, a National University of Lesotho (NUL) graduate, is redefining the very heart and soul of furniture.


Of sangomas and prophets

MUCKRAKER has never understood the concept behind Valentine’s Day. All she knows is that it’s some pagan holiday sustained by capitalists who hate seeing your wallet or pocket bulging with


Understanding nationhood

The story of the camel that came begging in from the cold and which ended up throwing the owner of the tent out of the tent into the cold desert


Understanding the post-2015 political crisis

Continued from last week What is the exact significance of this discussion on the Lesotho economy in relation to the post-2015 political violence and instability? In a labour reserve setting,


Respect rights of citizens

THE killing of a villager at Kao Diamond mine in Butha-Buthe last Friday is yet another vivid illustration of what is wrong with Lesotho’s police. The tragic killing lays bare


Judgment shows Mosito stood no chance

THE delay in the delivery of judgment in the Justice Kananelo Mosito’s constitutional case raised suspicions among people that there was something sinister about the whole judgment. While we remain


We are better off without these pre-condition setters

The mood in the country is unmistakable, Basotho are demanding and expecting the reforms process to proceed urgently and unconditionally. Genuine leaders of Basotho understand this national desire and they

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The curse of diamonds

THABA-TSEKA – Diamonds may be said to be a woman’s best friend, but for widow ’Makatleho Mphatšoe and the nine orphans under her care, they are a curse. The 56-year-old faces


LNDC rolls up sleeves to create jobs

MASERU THE Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC)’s new chief executive, Mohato Seleke, seems to have started his tenure on a good note. The LNDC is building a M1 billion manufacturing hub


A ‘nurse’ at age 9

BEREA – ABANDONED, a nine-year-old became her grandmother’s nurse in a case that has horrified the community in Mosalemane constituency’s Liotlong area in Berea district. ’Mathabang Serabele was forced to take