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Basotho firms eye slice of Polihali Dam ‘cake’

MASERU – BASOTHO and South African companies will equally benefit from the contracts in the construction of the Polihali Dam. That is the assurance from the water ministers of both countries

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Farmers smile all the way to the bank

MASERU – FOR a very long time, Phineas Khoete has made his money through selling livestock for slaughter at funerals and weddings. The money would come in dribs and drabs. But

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Teachers set to down tools

MASERU – TEACHERS and principals say they will down tools when schools reopen on August 2 in protest over the new Teachers’ Career and Salary Structure. The Lesotho Association of Teachers


Prison warder in trouble

MASERU – A prison warder who testified against his bosses after he was summoned by the Ombudsman is now in serious trouble. Sergeant Tsepa Mpapea is now facing disciplinary charges for

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The hatching of an idea

ROMA – When the National University of Lesotho (NUL)’s newest company, Phula Poultry Products, released its first 1 000 chickens last week, something unexpected happened. “The chickens were swept away by


The making of a story

When that loyal figure uttered the words, “There is no rhyme or reason to this life, it’s days like today scattered among the rest…” the best I could do as


All we want is justice for Mutungamiri

On behalf of the Mutungamiri family, I would like to express my gratitude following the arrest of the five soldiers who are suspects in the shooting of our brother, Lloyd,


Political leaders should have respect for education

A week ago I was sitting in a taxi eavesdropping on a conversation between two young men. Their argument was that Lesotho needs educated leaders not just influential leaders. They


Avert teachers’ strike

THE government could face yet another headache after the three biggest teachers’ unions threatened to down tools to press for better working conditions when schools re-open on August 2. The


Putting a stop to child marriages

MOHALE’S-HOEK – Mafungwashe Phikanelanga, a 19-year-old, has no doubt her current husband is the life partner she wants. But she regrets the circumstances surrounding their marriage. They both were still in