Keeping it simple

Those now famous words in my mind resound over and over, and over again each time there is a serious task at hand. The words are meant to echo long,


What happens if we default on our Chinese debt?

WE need to be wary of recent Chinese largesse in the world – especially in Africa–in the form of interest free loans, foreign aid, debt write-offs etc. There is no


Teachers’ strike is a national crisis

WHEN the wool and mohair farmers raised their concerns regarding the new legislation that will control the sale of their products, the government was quick to form a sub-committee of


Gay rights and the global culture

Is there really such a thing as a global culture? Consider gay rights. Last Thursday the Indian Supreme Court decriminalised homosexuality. Last April a court in Trinidad and Tobago found


Practice what you preach

THERE is a worrying trend where the government wants to be hard on others but soft on itself. The powerful Members of Parliament impose rules on others but flagrantly disrespect


Fix the Tšepong mess

POLITICIANS loathe accepting culpability when there is a disaster. That is why it was refreshing to hear Health Minister Nkaku Kabi accepting that government officials and politicians should shoulder part

Local News

Why Tšepong is overcrowded

MASERU – QUEEN ’Mamohato Memorial Hospital (Tšepong) is grappling with overcrowding after some government officials and politicians allegedly forced it to admit undeserving patients. Health Minister Nkaku Kabi told a press


Mapesela breathes fire

MASERU – NEVER one to shy away from a brawl, Trade Minister Tefo Mapesela this week took off the gloves for a bare knuckle fight with two principal chiefs. The target


Illegal abortions choke Tšepong

MASERU – THE ministry of Health is alarmed at the number of women being admitted at Tšepong due to complications during illegal abortions. Health Ministry’s Director General Dr ’Nyane Letsie told


Housing tops Local Government priorities

MASERU – LOCAL Government Minister, Habofanoe Lehana, has laid out plans for his ministry, with housing and social amenities provision taking top priority. At a press conference on Tuesday, Lehana said