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A business park in Roma

ROMA-THE proposed park for the Roma Valley will be more than just an industrial park. This is according to Associate Professor Resetselemang Leduka, who teaches Urban and Regional Planning at


Uncle Tom bites Mahao

THE worst insults use authentic symbols. That is why words like ‘stupid’, ‘silly’, ‘idiot’ or ‘moron’ don’t really bruise a Mosotho’s ego. They are just English words incapable of conjuring


The root causes of xenophobia

Fact: colonialism is not to blame for Africa’s current problems but is only the easiest scapegoat to point at when the dilly-dallying debates on the issue of Africa’s prevalent and


Trouble in Zimbabwe

The situation in Zimbabwe is tense. There has been a wave of spontaneous protests mainly in the capital, Harare and Bulawayo, the second city. The protests turned violent, with government


Onerous task for judge

THE long-awaited trial of soldiers who are accused of murdering former Lesotho army commander Lt Gen Maaparankoe Mahao is set to kick off in the High Court on April 1.


They stole our only source of livelihood

Basotho have been in a limbo for two years now! Deadlines have come and gone and promises have been made and broken. Conservative estimates point to over 37 000 wool


We need mature politics

THE Lesotho political landscape seems to be changing at a snail’s pace. In other countries, politicians are now talking politics of economic liberation as the struggle for freedom from oppression

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Why Quthing is performing badly

MASERU-Absentee parents, accommodation blues, early marriages and lethargic teachers. That is the story of Quthing, the country’s poorest performing district in the 2018 Junior Certificate examination results. Contrast this with


’Maesaiah says will not reprimand ministers

MASERU-FIRST Lady ’Maesaiah Thabane says she will no longer intervene in government issues after she received a barrage of criticism from the public. Her comments come after she publicly rebuked

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Drama at musician’s funeral

MAFETENG-POLICE caused drama at the funeral of Ngaka “Lepenzo” Mahao, the right-hand man of Terene gang chief Mosotho Chakela last Saturday. Differences between the police and members of Terene group