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Tackling the problem of stunted growth

ROMA-LESOTHO’S babies must be celebrating! Their food, which is ready for the market is called “khuisa” – a Sesotho word for weaning. The baby food has been four years in

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Carving a niche in fashion industry

MASERU-FOR many entrepreneurial upstarts, the first piece of advice is never to get into business relationships with family because the result is often blood on the floor. But four siblings


Welcome to the thug world

A Lesotho minister visits a Malaysian minister. They take a tour of the magnificent capital city before returning to the Malaysian minister’s house for lunch. The Mosotho minister is stunned


The cronyism in our politics

Politics tend to look for scapegoats when it comes to addressing the real concerns that affect the continent. Maybe due to the fact that the voters just vote for the


Venezuela: ‘Let Trump be Trump’

The decision to promote Juan Guaidó as a rival president to Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela was clearly made in Washington, not in Caracas. The speed with which US allies in


Saving our youth through sex education

A child is raised within the common social structure of the family. Society then assigns the child gender roles which are rules governing how one should behave according to whether


Parliament is not a retirement home

IF you ask some civil servants, including the army personnel, police and teachers what they intend to do with their lives when they retire, some of them will tell you


We’re a self-destructing people!

TWO weeks ago, multi-millionaire businessman Tseliso Nthane shot and killed his driver in a fit of rage. His driver had been involved in a road accident while transporting some building


A new broom sweeps better

Mathibeli Mokhothu, who was elected the new Democratic Congress (DC) leader at a party conference last weekend, assumes the reins of power at a time when the party is in


Memories of Tuku

HE was ours and we were his. Our Tuku. His countrymen. We could squabble about the colour of the sky and the taste of water. Brawl about sanctions, elections and