Find your own China man

THERE was a time when things were simple. When a man seemed prosperous it was either he is a hard worker or a businessman. Business at that time meant a


What We Do Wrong

EVERYTHING has its own form and it is what it contains that gives it its substance; the full totality of its contents and their related functions with regard to such


Conquering asthma

AS discussed in last week’s article, the success of Asthma control lies predominantly on the correct use of the Inhaler (Peipi). Incorrect technique when taking inhaled medications frequently prevents patients


Curriculum implementation not a joke

ONE of the major grievances teachers have tabled before the Ministry of Education and Training is their inability to implement the Curriculum and Assessment Policy of 2009. The teachers complain


Trump the Promise-Keeper

DONALD Trump is a man of his word, and he promised his ‘base’ to build a wall on the US border with Mexico to stop an “invasion of gangs, invasion


It’s time for cool heads

IT is becoming clear that the fight between government and teachers will be a long drawn battle. Schools, students and parents are beginning to bear the brunt of the impasse


Mosisili ran a good race

VALARIE Jarrett argues that “each generation has an obligation to pick up the baton. We want young people to feel a sense of responsibility to take that baton and run


Phori ready to die for wool

MASERU – SMALL Businesses Minister Chalane Phori has come under a barrage of attacks from farmers who accuse him of taking sides with the Stone Shi, the Chinese investor who

Local News

Why SA blocked Lesotho’s wool in transit to China

MASERU – Lesotho Wool Centre’s failure to secure a veterinary transit (export) permit has caused its 1248 bales of wool worth M21 million and destined for China to be barred

Local News

MPs raid butchery

MASERU – AN entourage comprising Ministry of Small Business officials and some Members of Parliament (MPs) last week failed to shut down a Chinese-owned meat business which runs a butchery