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Matete says goodbye

MASERU – A 45-year veteran in football, Lesotho Football Association (LEFA) vice-president Rantsubise Matete has seen it all in the local game. Known for his composed demeanour, Matete has been

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Open the Court of Appeal NOW!

FOR years this newspaper has vociferously opposed the government’s interference with the judiciary’s independence. We remain unwavering on that standpoint because an independent judiciary is the cornerstone of any democracy.

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National Decentralisation Policy, 2014 a white elephant

LESOTHO is notorious for developing very good strategies and dismally failing to effectively implement them. Legend has it that whenever Botswana wants to implement anything, they come to Lesotho to

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Appeal Court ‘lies’ anger MPs

MASERU – MEMBERS of Parliament have disputed High Court Registrar Pontšo Phafoli’s claims that the Court of Appeal cannot sit because the judiciary is broke. The MPs described the statements

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Flavour ambition

MASERU – YOUTHFUL, educated but unemployed. Familiar story, right? Not so for Ntšiuoa Makoa, (Pictured) who is determined to bring flavour to the country and keep a presence in every

Diplomat takes on PS

MASERU – THERE is chaos in the Foreign Affairs Ministry amid revelation of a ‘cat fight’ between Ambassador Lineo Molise-Mabusela and her boss. Molise-Mabusela, Lesotho’s ambassador to Italy, has dispatched

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Why the condom is losing its lure

MASERU – Listening to public health officer Makhotso Tšotetsi lamenting how an attempt to boost Lesotho’s fight against HIV and AIDS could be backfiring with potentially terrible consequences, one is

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Who cut the pubic hair?

AT a recent science symposium a biological scientist says to his colleague: “Did you know that instead of rats we now use lawyers in our experiments?” “Is that so? Why

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The land of DCT Bereng

WHEN Thomas Mofolo became the first African to publish a work of literature in 1907, what followed was a deluge of writing from various authors from the different parts of

Mahao warns of ABC disaster

MASERU – THE deputy leader of All Basotho Convention (ABC), Professor Nqosa Mahao, says talks to unite the fractured party have stalled after five attempts, warning that the party could