Cultivating love of STEM subjects among girls

ROMA -SETSOTO Hlohlomi, a National University of Lesotho (NUL) graduate, is the brains behind the non-governmental organisation called BasaliTech. The organisation seeks to empower women, young girls and children through


You too are Feslady

HERE we go again. Feslady this, Feslady that. Feslady here, Feslady there. It’s Feslady everywhere. The latest episode was at Setsoto Stadium where she is said to have viciously clobbered


The voice crying in the wilderness

Every individual has their favourite place to inspire the movement of a feeling, emotion, or deed. I have always found facing a given direction the most comfortable, it is an


Pride comes before a fall!

I have been following with keen interest recent developments between the two warring factions in the All Basotho Convention (ABC) party. What I find most bizarre is the level of


Shake up education sector

ELSEWHERE in this edition, we carry a story explaining why Lesotho’s education sector is in a mess despite the government pumping billions of maloti on training teachers and building new


We must stop these ‘chinapreneurs’!

Lesotho is a functional oligarchy where a few wealthy Chinese nationals move policy while Basotho have very little power yet they voted for this government. The reason why the government


Why most ‘herdboys’ are in jail

Initiation graduates ignorant of Sexual Offences Act MASERU -Lesotho’s male reformatory is mostly populated by young rape victims, the majority who are initiation school graduates or herd boys, according to


Thirsty in a land of plenty

Pregnant mothers asked to bring own water to clinic MOHALE’S HOEK -ANY mother would swear that of all pain known to mankind none beats that of childbirth. But here at


Why our education is a mess

MASERU– A report has revealed why Lesotho’s education remains a mess despite spending billions on training teachers, high salaries, free primary education and building more schools. Titled Education Public Expenditure


MEC wants GNU

  MASERU -THE Movement for Economic Change (MEC) says Prime Minister Thomas Thabane has only two options to save his government. MEC spokesman, Motlalentoa Khoete, told thepost yesterday that Thabane