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Mercenaries in our schools

MUCKRAKER will never join the bandwagon of those sympathising with the striking teachers. They are just an indolent lot, holding both parents and the government to ransom. There is something

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The scourge of tribalism

Earlier said, a night in the village is an experience that entrances the senses, dazzling the sense of sight with the beauty of the million stars spread out on the

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TB medication and its side effects

The following medications are commonly used to treat TB and they come combined in one tablet, the dose is dependent on the patients’ weight: Isoniazid Adverse effects are uncommon but

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Korea and Japan: the history wars

Nation-states, like four-year-olds, find it very hard to admit they are in the wrong and apologise. Adult intervention often helps, but all Japan and South Korea have is US Secretary

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Writing on the wall for Thabane

The writing is now certainly on the wall for Prime Minister Thomas Thabane and his coalition partners after they narrowly lost a vote in Parliament this week. On the surface,

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Lesotho: a kingdom in the jungle?

Lesotho, by virtue of being a member of the African Union, is a signatory to the African Union Agenda 2030: The Africa We Want. This document is driven by seven

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ABC split inevitable!

THERE is no doubt that the All Basotho Convention (ABC) party is now on a downward trajectory. Will there be a tipping point when a split becomes inevitable? What if

SADC tightens screws

MASERU – SADC has pressured the Lesotho government to reopen parliament. Justice Dikgang Moseneke, SADC’s facilitator in Lesotho, started tightening the screws this week after a meeting with senior government

Ramodibedi dies

MASERU – JUSTICE Michael Mathealira Ramodibedi has died. He was 74. He died yesterday after a long battle with a terminal illness. The Ramodibedi family confirmed the news last night

The bells are tolling for Thabane

MASERU – “WHEN you have mastered numbers, you will in fact no longer be reading numbers, any more than you read words when reading books you will be reading meanings,”