Our amateur spies

THE trouble with this country is that it is teeming with amateurs. Wherever you look there is some novice pretending to be the real deal. A Mickey Mouse police officer


The power of the Humble Man

Off the cuff, for that which is spoken or written off the cuff presents the frank opinion of the individual that honestly says it in that spur of the moment


General directions for medicines use

“Take one tablet three times a day after meals.” Anyone who has been to a pharmacy is familiar with those words from pharmacists. But rarely do we ask the pharmacist


Poverty needs to be uprooted

PRIME Minister Thomas Thabane is a man under pressure. He has to deal with squabbles in his own party, keep his flagging government intact while trying to keep the lid


Hong Kong: Purely Symbolic

The anti-government demonstrations in Hong Kong are now eight weeks old and still going strong, but the level of violence is rising. A lot of the violence is down to


Heads must roll

WE have always known that Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s government is under pressure from many corners. Its coffers are dry and it’s unable to pay suppliers. Factional fights within all


Transforming the structure of our economy

AT some point every political columnist finds himself facing the danger of endlessly ranting about the ills of a country without offering solutions. That is because it is much easier


Spy strike rocks government

MASERU – A seemingly spontaneous strike by National Security Service (NSS) agents has shaken the coalition government. A group of agents gathered outside the NSS building and briefly blocked the

Local News

Lehata off the hook

MASERU – IN a stunning move, a teenage girl who accused former Law Minister Mootsi Lehata of raping her has withdrawn the case. The 18-year-old woman, who cannot be identified


Minister fights councillors

MASERU – THE Local Government Minister, Litšoane Litšoane, dissolved the Maseru City Council (MCC)’s tender board on Tuesday. The minister accused the city councillors of usurping the powers of the