Death threats for non-striking teachers

MASERU – THE government’s no-work-no-pay policy has divided teachers to the extent that they are now threatening to harm each other. Some teachers returned to work after Education Minister Professor

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Chakela says he wants a job

MASERU – FEARED famo music gang leader, Rethabile Mokete, who is popularly known as Mosotho Chakela, is demanding a fair share of the “cake” after he helped put the government

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UN trip to blow M5m

MASERU – THE Lesotho government will next week send a huge entourage of 28 officials to the United Nations General Assembly in New York at a cost of more than


The roots of African self-hate

When the post-colonial discussions began in earnest, works of literature such as Joseph Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness were denigrated as being improper, as works that misrepresented the authentic ethos


The shot versus the pill dilemma!

Most ladies of child-bearing age often find themselves in this dilemma when it comes to choice of birth control, torn between oral contraceptive pills and injection. But how does one


A small country with big problems

A little country with big problems. That is how some have characterised my beloved country Lesotho. Over 20 years ago, I vividly recall a BBC correspondent when he famously said


A bunch of clowns

I find myself getting irritated about the way coalition government is running its affairs. I have reflected on this matter a lot and have concluded that this government is a


How to discipline the Feselady

THERE was a time when our Feselady used to be pissed by vile and snide comments thrown her way. Her bag of nicknames started swelling before she could even sit

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No pay for striking teachers

MASERU – MORE than 80 percent of primary school teachers face a bleak month after the government announced that they will not be paid. The government is implementing the no-work-no-pay


Maseru mayor kicked out

MASERU – MASERU Mayor, Mpho Moloi, was yesterday booted out of office after she lost a vote-of-no-confidence in council. Chief Hlathe Majara of Khubetsoana was immediately elected the new mayor