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A gangster state

It is not by choice that one engages in the act of criticism, the very act of pinpointing what is wrong and what is right with any entity is the

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Tell a friend about this global alert

Ranitidine was recently recalled by the FDA over some potential cancer causing impurities. Ranitidine is widely used to reduce the production of stomach acid in patients with conditions such as

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Why Lesotho’s stance on Sahrawi is problematic

Lesotho’s foreign policy is anchored on multilateralism. This means that Lesotho works with other countries to determine common positions on international matters. This approach is particularly advantageous to vulnerable states

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A simplistic way of tackling a major ill

TWO MPs have been caught up in a storm after they allegedly promised to give jobs to unemployed youths in their constituencies and then failed to deliver on their promises.

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The right noises from Mokhothu

During the past week, I listened to the speech made by Democratic Congress (DC) leader Mathibeli Mokhothu while addressing his supporters at Malingoaneng. At that rally Mokhothu raised a lot

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The myth of independence

On October 2 and 3, a friend of mine from Ha Tsolo called to inform me that Usave Supermarket was on fire. It started small in the plastic-making factory behind


Kung Fu in Mafeteng, slumber in America

HERE is something stolen to tickle you into this long weekend that Muckraker hopes will be a wet one. Young Thabo bought a donkey from a farmer for M5 000.


New sponsors for basketball league

MASERU – The Lesotho Basketball Association (LBA) last week unveiled Mohloli oa Tsebo Training Centre and Lesotho National Council of Women as the main sponsors of the 2019/20 National Basketball


Bantu, Lioli renew rivalry

MASERU – Econet Premier League juggernauts Lioli and Bantu renew their rivalry on Sunday as the two giants of Lesotho football go head-to-head in their first battle of the season


Moneys in historic victory

ROMA – Lesotho Olympic cyclist Phetetso Monese made history last Saturday by becoming the first Mosotho to win the prestigious Lesotho Sky Race. Monese rode to victory along with his