Ex-BAT salesman takes on LRA

MASERU – A former tobacco salesman, Thabang Qathatsi, will appear before the High Court commercial division for the second time on Monday claiming the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) overtaxed him. Qathatsi,


Dr Mokete: the ‘village library’ has been burnt

Maseru – The words, “The death of an old man is similar to the burning down of a library,” rings very true when it comes to the tale of one of

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We did not intentionally kill woman, say soldiers

MASERU –THREE soldiers who have been charged with the murder of Lisebo Tang told a High Court judge yesterday that they did not intentionally kill her. They want the murder


Cannabis licensing torch storm

MASERU – HEALTH Minister Nkaku Kabi was the only one directly involved in granting licences to players in the cannabis industry in Lesotho, thepost heard this week. The stunning disclosure raises


When our leaders fly with the wind

The dawn of coalition governments in Lesotho has brought so much uncertainty to the lives of citizens and the economic standing of the country. This is witnessed by the apparent


The art of Polistitution

SOME years back in Mafube, Muckraker watched in disgust as some bullies insulted her friend Lineo. It had started as harmless playground banter about her knock-on knees and missing front


Ease tax burden on SMMEs

ELSEWHERE in this issue we carry insightful comments on tax reform by former Basotho Enterprises Development Corporation (BEDCO) CEO Robert Likhang. At the centre of Likhang’s presentation is that Lesotho’s

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A smart advertising system

ROMA – WHEN you sit in a 4+1 taxi, suddenly a sleeping screen in-front of you roars into life, playing you a video. The screen wakes up because it is “aware”


Mochoboroane breathes fire

MASERU – THE Public Accounts Committee (PAC) says it wants to rope in the police to chase ministers over stolen funds from the old age pension scheme. The old age pension


SMMEs cry over tough tax regime

MASERU – LESOTHO’S punitive tax regime is contributing to the premature death of many Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME). That was the view that was widely expressed at a tax