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Every MP needs a beating

BOOM! What Muckraker prayed and fasted for has come to pass. For eons Muckraker has railed against excitable souls who sabotage fights in parliament. Finally, the MPs had a real

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A lost sense of identity

Centre stage – Africa wants to be everything else but never its true self; Africa has imbibed all the strange habits and cultures from regions of the world it will

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MPs must embrace change

Lesotho has for a long time been hailed as being ahead of her peers in southern Africa with regards to the literacy rate. At the same time, we also have

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Brexit Speak- Part 2

Continued from last week This three-part column has to do with the awfulness of the Brexit process and with the dangers of Brexit Speak, the use of abusive language in

MPs face heavy penalties

MASERU-THE Speaker of Parliament, Sephiri Motanyane, says MPs who were involved in the bloody fist fight in Parliament last week are set to be hauled over the coals. “Everyone has

State pleads poverty in soldiers’ trial

MASERU-THE government doesn’t have the funds to bring key crown witnesses to testify against soldiers charged for murder and attempted murder. Two of the witnesses are in South Africa while

Drought sends villagers into panic

                      …….‘We will all perish – our livestock and us – if this continues’……. ROTHE-AMID scorching temperatures, a cow lay

Iran drug report unnerves opposition

MASERU-Reports that the government could buy antiretroviral drugs from Iran have unnerved opposition politicians who fear the move could anger the country’s biggest donor, the United States. The US has

Lesotho to run out of ARVs

MASERU-LESOTHO could run out of life-saving antiretroviral (ARVs) drugs in the next six months, thepost heard this week. The government is battling a serious financial squeeze which has now seen

Parliament business grinds to a standstill

MASERU-PARLIAMENTARY business ground to a halt on Tuesday as opposition MPs demanded the lifting of a suspension slapped on two of their colleagues. The opposition said no parliamentary business would