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Changing realities

In the passing of each week there are travels, meetings, findings, understandings, decisions, special moments, settled scores, new beginnings. We meet the man called Mohlomi and his alter egos and

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You can’t out-jog a bad diet

Obesity and being overweight are slowly becoming a pandemic in our country. We can see the evidence of these two in the scores and increasing number of joggers gracing our

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A minister is a public servant

In one of our Herbal-life breakfast sessions, one of my friends once said, “ao ntate, Lesotho mona, ha u ka bona motho a hlaha le mane, a tsamaea a qhalile

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All is not well in Covid-19 fight

Defence Minister Prince Maliehe this week told the media that the government plans to deploy soldiers and the police to help enforce Covid-19 regulations.The decision to deploy soldiers and the

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Driving across the Sahara – Part 1

First, an account of how I learnt to drive and how I obtained my license (a grimly comic tale) and then the saga of some of the most enjoyable driving


drama at PM’s office

MASERU THERE was drama outside the Prime Minister’s offices yesterday after dozens of police officers nearly came to blows.The fracas happened as the Lesotho Police Staff Association (Leposa) vowed to


Liqui Fruit red grape juice withdrawn

MASERU-THE Ministry of Health has banned the sale of Liqui Fruit red grape juice cans in Lesotho following the withdrawal from the market of the product by the manufacturer in


Phamotse disowns contractor

MASERU-FORMER Sports Minister Dr Mahali Phamotse has distanced herself from a local contractor who claims the ministry owes him M27 million.Jane Lebamang of Jane Geomantic Survey and Lab claims the


JSC in legal jam

MASERU-THE Judicial Service Commission (JSC) could be in a legal jam after His Majesty King Letsie III allegedly rejected its recommendation to appoint the five new judges.The king is said


Covid-19 relief vouchers rejected

MASERU-BASOTHO in South Africa are stranded after the Covid-19 food relief vouchers from the Lesotho government were rejected.The vouchers worth M350 each were given to 12 000 Basotho to buy