Marai fired

MASERU-Lesotho Correctional Service (LCS) have sacked their head coach Mpitsa Marai and he will be replaced by Shalane Lehohla with the club set to make the announcement officially next week.


Some Covid truths

In Lesotho we have a crazy way of doing things.Ramaphosa had barely opened his borders when the brouhaha started in Lesotho. Suddenly, you have a battalion complaining about South Africa’s


The terrible siblings

EVERY family has one. That moron who brings shame to their clan.That unhinged uncle or aunt whose mouth has filed divorce papers on the brain. The blabbermouth who has no


Without fear or favour

The journos of the age come with the best tales of the moment, capturing the very essence of the present and relating it to those that will come to be


We must reclaim our economy

THIS past week a moratorium from the Ministry of Trade and Industry was leaked prior to being presented to the general public. This caused confusion that arose because of speculation


‘Let thy food be thy medicine’

A siren from a hearse in a village could send a spine-chilling fear among the villagers not a long time ago here in Lesotho. Its sheer sight would leave the


Sell Victoria Hotel

What the Sekhametsi Property Company managed to achieve with the refurbishment of Agric Bank Building (FNB Kingsway Building), is nothing short of a miracle. Truly remarkable! The Agric Bank building


Don’t wield hammer against Vodacom

THE Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) this week slapped a M134 million fine on Vodacom Lesotho for allegedly violating its licence regulations. The staggering fine, which is unprecedented in the history


Driving across the Sahara – Part 3

This week and next I’m inflicting on my readers (and on my long-suffering editor) one final Sahara trip, once again through Niger, the country to the north of Nigeria. A