A new type of religion

The realities of the day determine the general attitude of the individual which later fan out into the public sphere. We have lived the reality of a pandemic these past


Perpetuating a cycle that can be stopped with a single pill

When I was a child, the best part of Christmas was decidedly the new clothes. Whether you got just one set for Christmas Day or three that would include Boxing


Sell Moshoeshoe I International Airport

For the record, I am not Muckraker and I don’t know who Muckraker is. A lot of people assume that I have a permanent desk at thepost and switch between


Focus on the bigger picture

ELSEWHERE in this issue we carry a story of how the two main partners in the coalition government have been squabbling of late over a number of issues. At the


Navigating Cameroun – Part 1

When I say “navigating” I’m not talking about a canoe trip, but using the word in the sense of getting one’s head around something complex or difficult. (This is the


Mashinini: The future of Sekhametsi

MASERU WHEN he is not buried in his law books Vusi Mashinini reads investment books.At only 22 and in his final year of his law degree at the National University


Knives out for Mokhothu

MASERU-THE All Basotho Convention (ABC) says it will not hesitate to tell Deputy Prime Minister Mathibeli Mokhothu to step down should the police charge him with human trafficking. The ABC’s


Covid-19 storm looms

MASERU-LESOTHO could be sleepwalking into a major Covid-19 tsunami as hundreds of Basotho sneak back into the country without screening.In the past few weeks hordes of Basotho have illegally crossed


Molibeli ‘disbands’ LEPOSA

MASERU-POLICE Commissioner Holomo Molibeli has ordered the Lesotho Police Staff Association (LEPOSA) to immediately halt all its operations as he moved to stamp his authority within the police. Commissioner Molibeli


Lesotho Flour Mills contract terminated

MASERU-THE government will not renew Seaboard Overseas’s management contract to manage the Lesotho Flour Mills.Seaboard has held the management contract, due to end this December, since it bought 50 percent