How Mosito can revenge

It’s possible that Mosito had not even used the toilet in his office. It’s cruel to fire a man before he can even pee in his office toilet. Whichever way


Mr Softie’s goat

The drama around Mosito’s instant appointment and instant dismissal reflects two fundamental things.The first is that the National Security Services (NSS) is a silly excuse of an organisation. There is


Dropped like a bag of weed

MUCKRAKER still doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh at former Defence Minister Mosito’s misery.That’s because she has been doing both since Mr Softie’s boot landed on Mosito’s behind.You know


Literatures of the African Diaspora

From the shores of African states of the middle ages to the mid 1800’s slaves were being loaded, in fact, packed into slave ships for the shores of America where


Sekatle and the politics of self-interest

Lesotho’s politics look increasingly like a re-run of an old movie in which the actors remain the same and so does the plot which twists and turns to an unsurprising


A rat-race madness

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” This famous quote is attributed to Albert Einstein and for a man of his mental aptitude, I


Stability key to economic growth

ARMY commander Lieutenant General Mojalefa Letsoela last Thursday issued a chilling warning of what he said was a plot by rogue soldiers to topple the government of Lesotho. Although the


The misogyny and stupidity associated with it

I got into a social media rant this past weekend. I had hoped I am altogether too mature and level headed for such foolishness but as it turned out, nope.


Venom: a short story – Part 1

When he checked in at Cincinatti airport for the first of three planes that would take him to Lesotho, Peace Corps volunteer Josh was seen off by his parents and


Driving growth in textile sector

MASERU THE textile industry is central to Lesotho’s economy. With 45 000 workers, it is the largest private sector employer in the country.It accounts for 92 percent of manufacturing jobs,