It’s Phafane versus Nthunya

MASERU – It is a big weekend for the Lesotho Football Association (LEFA) as the country’s football governing body holds its 16th congress on Saturday.The main talking point on everyone’s


The pocket Oxford Book of Prayer: A review

I had planned this week to return to the subject of life in Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya, but have had to postpone that commitment again, as the sequence of pieces is


The government’s war on crime

Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro needs to assure us that the government has declared a state-of-emergency on crime not only because of the recent increase in numbers of members of police


A self-serving agenda

WE note with utter dismay and puzzlement the latest moves by some MPs to press ahead with a motion of no-confidence against the government led by Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro.Leading


Media must raise the bar!

LEGEND has it that one fine day back in the 17th century, a young man witnessed an apple fall from a tree, an occurrence which was by no means miraculous.


Two contemporary Namibian poets

I must admit that up until my first visit to Namibia just after 2007, and on other subsequent visits, my only idea of Namibian literature did not go beyond the


Shut and listen

The hullaballoo about vaccines proves that people overate themselves.Nonentities contributing zilch to their country or even their own lives are hurting our ears with shrieks against the Covid vaccines.Nyoe, nyoe,


The sad song from NUL

THERE is a song for almost everything. Greed, love, envy, hate, death, heartbreak and so forth.Even thievery, fornication and hanky-panky.Remember the hanky-panky song that went like this: Khali, khali, khali


The real rascals

Some 20 students at Mphaki High School went on a rampage, beating teachers and torching property. The school authorities suspect the scoundrels were high on matekoane. Muckraker is not shocked.The


The DC of delusion

Thank God August is over. Our ears were hurting from hearing ministers waxing lyrical about Women’s Month.It was all an act to give a false impression that they care about