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‘Dirty water is part of life’

BEREA – IN an area where residents have shared water sources with animals for decades and dirt has become a part of life, clean water is finally becoming a reality. Health

Ex-PS investigated

MASERU – A former principal secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Nchemo Maile, is being investigated by the police for allegedly selling off government property illegally, thepost can reveal. This newspaper

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Economic integration is the way to go

ROMA – FOLLOWING in the footsteps of the European Union (EU) and other regions around the world, African countries are seeking to integrate their economies. This is done in the hope

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From hopose to cocktails

WE all have friends and relatives whose taste for expensive things is not backed by their bank balances. Their imagination runs wild as soon as they get into a restaurant

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Why our literature is in decay

It is unnatural to pass through the world for the sake of being forgotten, and those that believe we are just mere dust in the wind that passes with the

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How Lesotho could abandon its army

Lesotho allocated USD$52.6 million (Maloti 698 million) to its military in 2017 – or 3.9 percent of government expenditure. This is a figure that has doubled in real terms since

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Protect mines

IT would appear that the row between Storm Mountain Diamonds (SMD) and villagers in Kao is set to ramble on with no immediate solution in sight. At the centre of

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Police officers have a right to freedom of association

IT is indisputable that the provisions of the Lesotho Constitution are binding on the government, authorities and persons. Section 2 of the Constitution provides that the Constitution is the supreme

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School sex video a wake-up call

Last week social media was in a frenzy. At the centre of the turmoil was “Phiri”, a man that took social media by storm as a sex video in which

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Widows, stepson in fight over inheritance

MASERU- TWIN sisters, who were customarily married to a late Maseru businessman, Paul Lechalaba, are locked in a fierce fight against their stepson over issues of inheritance. Nthati and Nthatisi Lechalaba