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Busy as bees

MOHALE’S HOEK – MPHO Qhojane started as a low-scale bee farmer back in 2007 and now he is thinking big, as he eyes the lucrative pharmaceutical sector. Qhojane is one of

Local News

A machine that identifies cancer cells

ROMA – MAHAO Molise, a National University of Lesotho (NUL) student, is creating an Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine. The machine seeks to replace skilled radiologists with highly trained computers that detect


When politics threatens public sector governance

IN every organisation, it is expected that the employer and employees will have a synergy that allows for the fulfilment of an organisation’s goals. However, what I see in Africa


Political prostitutes

SOME things are just obvious. Former Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili is an expired political product that can neither be re-launched nor rebranded. Semano Sekatle is a political sell-out who has


Why Africa will never progress

THE most successful are those that know what they do with their time, noting aspects of life in journals, recounting events in news reports, keeping track of the days in


We must empower our own first

In 1998, I was the only Mosotho on a South African performing arts group that toured the East Coast of Africa for four months. We travelled widely throughout the US


Deal with ‘predator’ pastors

It is indisputable that horrific acts of injustice and abuse were committed during that fateful period of colonization. It is increasingly acknowledged that biblical and theological discourses were a vivifying


ABC must be a big tent

THAT the ruling All Basotho Convention (ABC) had to be dragged to court to resolve whether Professor Nqosa Mahao is eligible to contest the party’s internal elections next month is


Ntsu Mokhehle: dead and forgotten

All congress parties, even those formed after the death of Dr Ntsu Mokhehle, claim to believe in his ideology and also claim to all be bana ba ntate Ntsu (the


A bitter Christmas to forget

BUTHA-BUTHE – TWO days after the joys of Christmas, villagers in Ha-Shishila in Kao were in grief as police embarked on an indiscriminate revenge attack that killed one person and left