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No dividends for rats

SOMEONE should tell government ministers to shut up about companies failing to declare dividends. It’s time to reap the rich rewards of our thoughtless stampede to privatise state companies. We


Heritage and social points of union

When the old man on a horse pointed to the village I was going to, I could only see faint wisps of smoke in the far (far) distance. In between


The politicisation of the public service

Different branches of Lesotho’s public service have featured in the country’s experiences of political instability in two ways, at least: first, as victims of destabilisation by ruling parties; and, second,


Police must explain Mojakhomo’s whereabouts

The family of Makarabo Mojakhomo this week filed an urgent application in the High Court asking the police to present their daughter dead or alive. Mojakhomo is said to have


The great lessons from Ethiopia

When you set an appointment in Ethiopia with Ethiopians, always remember to define if it is Ethiopian or the other internationally acknowledged reference times such as the GMT. While a


Teenage pregnancies and the right to education

One year at a school that I will not mention, a girl fell pregnant. The teachers and the principal knew about the pregnancy, no one complained even though the school