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Ululating for thieves

AS we are marooned in our homes we face unique problems. Relatives and friends are foisting on us the drivel from their pastors and prophets.Muckraker is about to lose her


A tribute to Sanusi Mutwa

Just yesterday I was musing in the early hours of the day, before the dawn came, and in those last hours of the night when the navy blue veil of


Nothing treasonous about ABC, DC deal

THE Covid-19 pandemic that burst onto the world scene in late December has been described as one of the biggest challenges facing the world since the end of World War


Lesotho’s village politics

Lesotho’s politics are just village politics, so said P W Botha referring to Lesotho’s political troubles. He said he wouldn’t be bothered by a country that claims to be independent


Food for thought- Part 3

When it comes to eating out, I have an enviable reputation on one count, and a grim secret. The former first. When I could afford it, I would take a


Bitter row erupts as Queen II is demolished

 MASERU-A group of construction companies is demolishing the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital despite the lockdown.The companies started working soon after the government announced the lockdown to prevent the spread of


Good news for EcoCash customers

MASERU-IN the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is at least some good news coming from Econet Telecom Lesotho.All EcoCash subscribers will now be able to send or receive a


Companies join battle against Covid-19

MASERU-LESOTHO will have a Covid-19 testing facility by Saturday.This is after as a local mogul, Sam Matekane, pledged to build testing labs to help Basotho get results quicker.Currently the country


Taxi bosses threaten pull-out

MASERU-TAXI operators in Maseru say they are now thinking of withdrawing their services after the government cut the business hours they are supposed to operate without consulting them. The Maseru


Badly exposed

MASERU-A SOLDIER manhandles a driver and drags him to the edges of the road at a checkpoint near Lesotho High School along Main North One Road.Neither of the two men