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Watch your words!

Being ordered simply means that one adheres to the set and unsaid rules of individual and community living, it does not have to be mentioned on a regular basis how


We’ve been condemned to death!

As a society we have accepted certain unusual behaviours as normal way of being or living as Basotho. Mediocrity, substandard, amateurishness, laziness, shabbiness and low-grade has become an integral part


We’re partners for development

ELSEWHERE in this issue we carry some interesting comments by Lesotho’s deputy army commander Major General Matela Motobakele on the role of the media in a democratic society. We found


Whither Lesotho’s national reform process?

SOME analysts and many Basotho are increasingly raising questions and concerns about the direction, content, speed, objectives and drivers of the National Reform Process. Their apprehension is understandable, given that


Review the deployment of teachers

I wish to first make a disclaimer on this piece because I may be a little bit biased. This is because I hold a degree in education and some of

Local News

Fiery trade unionist suspended

MASERU – FIREBRAND teachers’ trade unionist, Letsatsi Ntsibolane, was suspended from duty last week. Ntsibolane, who is a teacher at Lithabaneng High School, was slapped with the suspension letter last Friday.


Teachers to vote on strike

MASERU – TEACHERS from the country’s five trade unions will next Tuesday vote to decide if they should embark on a strike that is likely to cripple the education sector. The

Local News

The grannies who still take care of babies

MASERU – At 90, ’Mapuleng Sello is still babysitting, never mind that she is blind, struggles to walk and last gave birth 60 years ago. As many young people succumb to


Villagers say will fight back

BUTHA-BUTHE – IN Kao’s Ha-Shishila, villagers who survived a police revenge attack that left one dead are irate and itching for justice against the police and a local mine they accuse


Detainees’ wives plead for justice

MASERU- THE families of soldiers and policemen in custody for various crimes are worried that their relatives will not get fair trials. In a detailed letter to the Southern Africa Litigation