New wheels for Lebata

New wheels for Lebata

MASERU – ’MALEBOHANG Lebata on Saturday drove away in a brand new Toyata GD 6 twin cab, thanks to the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA).
The vehicle was given away as part of a lottery to encourage compliance with Lesotho’s tax laws.
Lebata is a taxi owner in Quthing district.

But due to illness, Lebata could not show up for the draw and delegated her 17-year-old daughter, Realeboha Lebata.
Realeboha made it from the initial 100 plus participants that were selected into the top 20, top five and eventually top three before walking away with the car.
Lebata was sitting in her car during the draw and could not believe her eyes when her daughter’s key started the car.

“I have been ill for the past three months. I have not been able to walk, perhaps this is just the beginning of my healing,” Lebata said.
Tears of joy welled up in Realeboha’s eyes saying the car will make it easier to take her mother to the doctor as it is bigger.
LRA Commissioner General Thabo Khasipe said it is crucial for everyone to play their role and pay their taxes.

“We are giving this car to thank those who heeded our message and filed and paid their taxes before the end of May this year,” Khasipe said.
He emphasised that it is only when everyone pays their taxes that the government is able to build roads, schools, clinics, pay old age pensions and the civil service.
He pointed out that the car will be put to good use as it represents an act of doing good.
Khasipe urged Basotho to pay their taxes for the development of Lesotho.

Lemohang Rakotsoane

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