Pushing the boundaries

Pushing the boundaries

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When she enrolled at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT), ‘Mamatsoso Mahlatsi was not convinced that she had made the right choice of university due to some people’s perceptions about Limkokwing University. However, today Mahlatsi is a very proud alumni.

Mahlatsi graduated from LUCT graduated with an Associate Degree in Tourism Management.

Having performed well in her internship period at SA Maseru Travel Agency, Mahlatsi was offered a job as a Travel and has been with the company for almost a year now.

Mahlatsi explained that Travel and Tourism Management are one and the same thing, so she was able to apply what she learned at LUCT.

She further explained that “being a travel consultant is not as easy as it may look because it requires a lot of skills in communication and an open mind, because without proper skills, one may find it hard to deal with clients on a daily basis.”

“Studying at Limkokwing University served as an advantage for me because with the education I got I have become a more proactive person with innovation and creative ideas that can be better, not only in my life but also the lives of people I interact with on daily basis, both socially and professionally,” said Mahlatsi.

Mahlatsi mentioned that she chose to study at Limkokwing University because it is the only university in the country that had courses which catered for innovative young Basotho.

According to Mahlatsi, Limkokwing University was her only option because it caters for Basotho talent and trains students to think out of the box in solving problems and also trains them to apply creativity in everything they do.

Summing up her stay at LUCT, Mahlatsi expressed “I am glad to have been a Limkokwing student because during my time as a student, I learnt that it is only through prayer, passion and desire that one can achieve their dreams in life.”

She stated that being a Limkokwing Student has taught her a lot about believing in what she wanted and dealing with problems as they came.

As challenges kick in and her personal or professional life become a hard nut to crack, Mahlatsi often turns to her hobbies for comfort and inspiration. Dealing with clients day in and day out can be very challenging.

People have different personalities and it is not all the time that a client can walk through the door with a smile on their face, some of the clients have a difficult time even understanding what a consultant has been trying to explain for hours so to calm down from such situations and deal with her emotions, Mahlatsi usually relies on her hobbies which are playing tennis and singing.

She explained that the atmosphere in which she works in and the solid team serve as motivation. Being new on the job and knowing what she wanted to achieve, Mahlatsi had to learn what she was expected of her from people the who had experience in the job she was getting in to, hence she formed part of the team she found at SA Maseru Travel Agency.

“Working with the people I work with has taught me a lot in terms of professionalism and doing my job the best way possible. Team work has really taught me that just like there is a lot we can in school, there is also a lot we can learn from other people,” stated Mahlatsi.

In conclusion, the young Travel Consultant urged all students who are yet to join Limkokwing University to have no doubt in the decision they made, to believe that their dreams will come true.

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