Standard Bank, Liberty push for better employee benefits

Standard Bank, Liberty push for better employee benefits

MASERU – COMPANIES must strive to offer their employees benefits that resonate with their needs and goals.

This call was made at a one-day human resources conference hosted by Standard Lesotho Bank and Liberty Lesotho in Maseru last Thursday. A human resources specialist, Yusuf Mahomedy, told the conference that structuring employee benefits should not just be about employers imposing benefits on employees but should be about giving workers benefits that are in alignment with their needs and goals.

“Employers make the mistake of offering employee benefits without helping them to connect and value them,” Mahomedy said. He said human resources managers should always strive to cater for all generations in a way that resonates with them.

Mahomedy said even policies at times only speak to one generation and therefore fail to be relevant for other generations. He said successful organisations are those that engage and take care of their employees in the best possible way.

Managers who spoke at the conference said they have been struggling to offer employees benefits that are custom-made to suit the different generations.

The head of personal development at Standard Lesotho Bank, Maleteka Moshabesha, said employees are any company’s best resource adding there is need to ensure companies recognise their efforts if they are to retain them.

Lemohang Rakotsoane

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