The people shall have access to clean water

By Motlatsi Thabane Half-a-century after independence, planning and distribution of basic necessities of healthy living remains inflexibly biased towards Lesotho’s elite who live in Maseru and other urban areas. The


My friend the King

…. Sweet memories that mellows a heart   WHAT did King Letsie III get up to when he was a little boy? That is a tough question to answer in


The invisible economy

Tsepiso S. Mothibi There is a clearly visible gap in the economy of Lesotho and in the economies of other small or low income countries on the African continent. Reliant


The factory worker

By T. S. Mothibi She travels a road many a queasy male counterparts are afraid of following on a daily basis. From her single room in one of the various


Protect the consumer

TsepisoS. Mothibi In the past, it was common for one to see the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) seal on almost all the products one bought for consumption or


Youths’ big challenges

Tsepiso S Mothibi Being young, adolescent, full of the vigour and enthusiasm or the inexperience and weakness in character that marks the period between childhood and full adulthood’s manhood or


Tsitsi Dangarembga: Those Nervous Conditions

Tsepiso S Motibi That equality in its true sense is an aspect of humanity we merely speak about is fact, and that what we often declare as commitment to a


Toni Morrison: The Muse Beloved

I have thought not of the sadness of black history in terms exclusive; no race’s history is a private or exclusive affair: the histories of the world and its peoples



 One of the things about this column that my no-doubt devoted readers have to put up with is that by profession I’m an academic. One of the things that academics


The art of leather crafting

Own Correspondent MASERU TUMANE Thabane, who graduated from the National University of Lesotho (NUL) with a major in Statistics, is pioneering the art of leather crafting from several fronts—and he