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Muckraker: Bedbugs feasting

THE leaders of this wonderful country are capable of astonishing things. Were Sanko, the maestro, alive he would have opened his eyes wide and said: Hela! Mehlolo. Mehlolo sefela sa


No dividends for rats

SOMEONE should tell government ministers to shut up about companies failing to declare dividends. It’s time to reap the rich rewards of our thoughtless stampede to privatise state companies. We


Dung in the head

LOOK no further than the sad story of Noma, a girl who claims to have been sexually assaulted by one Mokena, if you want to see how depraved we are


Muckraker: Manamolela’s roasting

ANYONE who has had a cursory interaction with Lehlohonolo Manamolela, the Wasco boss, will tell you he is a hefty and loud man. He is just like that: a man


Muckraker: The power of pillow-talk

HERE is the reality that will roil ABC supporters for weeks: any attempt to get Uncle Tom to censure ‘Maeasiah is a fool’s errant. So your rants on radio stations


No signal from mamma

TRUE story, this one. A British tourist visits Katse Dam for some fresh air. There, a smiling Mosotho offers him a tour of the dam on his canoe for a


Mr Cheese and rubber meat

Muckraker is shocked at brickbats flung at Deputy Home Affairs Minister Mofomobe ‘Cheese’ Machesetsa. All that lynching was because he just said the old men of Lesotho politics must quit.


Selinyane versus Robot Q

IT must be a terrible time for DC spokesperson Serialong Qoo. Every morning he has to scrounge around for something to criticise about the government and if he doesn’t find


Muckraker: Sensational mischief

LAST Thursday we woke up to what might be the most sensational newspaper headline this year. “King fumes over border harassment,” screamed the headline plonked brazenly on posters scattered across


Muckraker: The morons at our borders

IT is never Muckraker’s hobby to fume on behalf of anyone but what recently happened to the King at the border pushed her over the edge. The story is that