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Uncle Tom bites Mahao

THE worst insults use authentic symbols. That is why words like ‘stupid’, ‘silly’, ‘idiot’ or ‘moron’ don’t really bruise a Mosotho’s ego. They are just English words incapable of conjuring


Political prostitutes

SOME things are just obvious. Former Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili is an expired political product that can neither be re-launched nor rebranded. Semano Sekatle is a political sell-out who has


Soldiers for hire

MUCKRAKER is still recovering from the terrible dinner she ate at a local upmarket hotel on Christmas day. True, the food was edible but hotels are not in the business


Confused judges and bootlicking ministers

ONE of the many reasons why this country is in such a mess is its over-reliance on donations. We are a country notorious for perambulating the globe with a begging


Our silly MPs

Let us not justify baloney. There is no time to mollycoddle the silly ones. The time for pep talk is over. Our MPs’ demand for a salary increase is BS,


The hunt for SADC babies

……….AS we bid farewell to the SADC Mission in Lesotho, we are happy to re-publish this hilarious piece on SADC babies. Enjoy!……… Muckraker is thrilled the SADC standby army will


From hopose to cocktails

WE all have friends and relatives whose taste for expensive things is not backed by their bank balances. Their imagination runs wild as soon as they get into a restaurant


Gigaba and his things

THIS column has a PG18 rating this week. Not that there is much our so-called teenagers don’t know about anatomy: they are probably nastier than you think. It’s just that


Dirty mouths

THE mouth is Lesotho’s biggest problem. We just cannot shut up as a country even when it’s clear that we are just waffling about things about which we know zilch.


It’s no longer funny

LAST week Muckraker screamed about the wool and mohair debacle. This week she can tell you without mincing her words that the more she analyses the regulations the more furious