A tale of two cities

By Gwynne Dyer Two great sieges are getting underway in the Middle East, one in Mosul in Iraq and the other in Aleppo in Syria. They have a great deal


Banning HFCs: too late and too slow

The chief source of new problems is solutions to old problems. The ammonia that we used in domestic fridges as a coolant in the early 20th century was poisonous if


2005 tapes: Trump on the ropes

MICHAEL BARBARO and AMY CHOZICK It was Donald J. Trump’s chance to sound contrite and mature, to explain away the sexually predatory boasts he was caught making on tape and


Galaxy Note 7 dumped

Business Reporter MASERU – IF you own a Galaxy Note 7 you should switch it off and stop using it now! That’s the warning from Samsung, the maker of the


The problem with referendums

President Juan Manuel Santos was not obliged to hold a referendum to ratify the deal to end sixty years of war between the Colombian government and FARC (the Revolutionary Armed


Samsung kills off Galaxy Note 7 smartphone

By CHOE SANG-HUN ­SEOUL, South Korea — Samsung Electronics is killing its troubled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, a humbling about-face for the South Korean giant and its global brand. In an


Saudi Arabia admits defeat

By Gwynne Dyer “God be with the citizens, we are back to the time of poverty,” wrote Saudi Arabian blogger Rayan al-Shamri on Twitter last week. That’s a bit strong,


Syria: Another ceasefire bites the dust?

By Gwynne Dyer As the Syrian ceasefire arranged by the United States and Russia teeters on the brink of collapse, it’s clear that the main problem lies in Washington. Moscow’s


Korean rhetoric and reality

By Gwynne Dyer Japanese government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said that North Korea was the “neighbourhood outlaw” after Pyongyang’s fifth nuclear weapons test on Friday. Barack Obama said that “The United


Does Brexit undermine the case for African regional integration?

By Simon Allison Most analyses of what Brexit means for Africa rightly examine the practical consequences: the impact on trade, the deals that must be renegotiated, the uncertain access to