ABC is on life support!

ABC is on life support!

THE skirmishes in the All Basotho Convention (ABC) over which committee is legitimate is the latest saga in the battle for the soul of the party.
The stakes are high, as those on either side of the party’s divide struggling for power in the courts of law — the old committee known as “State House” against the newly elected committee known as “Likatana” — have a tangible interest in the outcome.

Since the elective conference that was held on the 1st and 2nd February 2019, irrationality is manifested within the All Basotho Convention (ABC) when the will of its members is taken hostage by the leader and his cronies.
There is a schism between Prof Mahao and Dr Thabane and his cronies who favour the old defeated committee. It broke into the open earlier in January 2019 when in a newspaper interview before the February elective conference, Prof Mahao, the newly elected deputy leader took a thinly-veiled shot at the party leadership, vowing to change the way the party operates and fight harder for progressive issues.

Shortly after attacking the party leadership, Thabane insulted him and called him a flying dirty rag at a rally held in Ha Abia. And that was the beginning of the end.
The newly elected PRO Masoetsa made matters worse when he was interviewed on radio after winning the elections and told the public that Thabane is surrounded by corrupt thieves.
Currently ABC members live in a kidnapped democracy within the party which no longer protects members’ interests.

Kidnapping implies that the majority of ABC members are being held against their will. At the mercy of the kidnapper, the hostage loses any capacity for action and free movement.
The ABC is in much greater peril than its leaders or supporters recognize, and it has no plan to save itself.
Much of the current ABC infighting — embarrassing and counterproductive though it may be at times — reflects how power can corrupt progressive activists.

he problem is that control of the party seems to have blinded progressive activists to the possibility of even having an argument about the future of the ABC.
The truly striking thing is how close to the bottom the ABC party is already and how blind it seems to be to that fact.
My friends from the ABC used to sing a song “Kobo Tata ke leqeba la ka, ke tla ‘ne ke le mamelle” which when translated means “ABC is my wound, I will endure its pain”.

I had seriously hoped that by now this wound would have healed but unfortunately gangrene is setting in, the wound (ABC) has gangrened and its rapidly spreading.
The ABC members never wished for a gangrene, that’s for sure. However the infection has developed around a wound and it’s killing the tissues, turning the ABC into a terrible stinking sore. The ABC’s leg is about to be amputated!
Gangrene occurs when a lack of oxygen-rich blood causes tissue to die in some part of the body, often the hands or feet.
It is a deadly condition that can result in amputation of a limb or death. It needs urgent treatment to halt the spread as rapidly as possible.
The BCP, LCD, BNP and DC have undergone an amputation procedure as a result of power struggles. Access to limited resources, greed, corruption and leadership wrangles are the main causes of power struggle-related amputations.

Struggle for power affects almost all political parties in the Lesotho.
It is shocking that a number of political parties’ amputations related to power struggle are increasing every election cycle. An amputation, regardless of whether it’s defined as minor or major, is devastating and life-changing. A minor amputation can still involve losing membership.
Many power struggles that result in amputations are avoidable but many political parties struggle to put in place a proper leadership succession plan.

A party that frequently has power struggles is 10 times more likely to experience an amputation than a party without the condition.
The political mudslinging between the two camps — those who want the ABC members to stick to the old defeated committee and those who want the ABC to be led by a recently, democratically elected new committee — has left the party in limbo, unclear over its democratic principles, identity and exactly what it stands for.

Ramahooana Matlosa

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