Deal with social media nuisance

Deal with social media nuisance

Whether it is via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest or Flickr, there is no denying that means of communicating and the sharing of any kind of information has indeed just become a matter of pressing an icon on an electronic device.

These days, one does not have to sit in a court-room to follow an interesting case for a minute by minute update of the proceedings. That can be achieved while you are seated on your computer doing your everyday job. Yours is just to peep furtively at the news feeds and you know exactly what is happening with that case.
Not only does one have access to the exchanges but one is treated to a diverse on-going active commentary on the same subject that one may be following. Indeed, the information age has fallen upon us and is in full swing.

Gone are the days when the print media was the main conveyor belt on all topical and important information on current affairs. The digital age has not only made it easy to electronically access information from anywhere around the globe but has also bolstered the environmentalists’ campaigns for a more green world that which they argue will safeguard mother earth from destruction by today’s generations at the detriment of the future of the children of today’s generation.

During the early 2010s at the start of the Arab Spring, and the subsequent months and years, the importance of social media came to the fore. Feeds for each and every second on different platforms kept the whole world abreast of what was happening in every one of those countries.

This offered a detailed coverage of such events, such that it was not too difficult to separate fake information peddling and a pack of lies from what closely resembles the truth. There would naturally be variation when it comes to small details such as an estimated number of people attending the demonstrations, but at least the main events were accurate most of time.
The Arab Middle Eastern countries are renowned for their tight-fisted monitoring of the press and their unpopular human rights policies. These countries practise Sharia Laws which are very strict on the reported accounts of events that have taken place.

Anything that is regarded to be treasonous, especially when reporting during times of war or internal instabilities, can result in a death penalty or some other serious punishment. The use of social media has provided a fast, relatively low cost sharing of information, and a relatively safe route to circumvent the strict laws.
Social media has also provided platforms on which business can thrive. A number of companies right here in Lesotho use social media to advertise and promote their products.
Contrasted with the development of a website or a homepage of some sort, social media provides a costless means of exposing a business to would be clients, and also as an information sharing platform through which similar ventures could be launched in other geographical areas.

Whenever there is a need to decide on the next hairstyle to do, a friend of mine consults with comrade Facebook and just one click, and she knows exactly what her next hairdo will be. There are other interactive accounts where potential buyers and sellers meet to discuss, negotiate and agree on terms and conditions of a particular transaction.
Sites for commercial and residential purposes, homes, vehicles etc. are always displayed and advertised on the social media and the associated costs of advertising such only relate to data and internet connection. Platforms such as Linkedin even go further in terms of jobs.

Employers looking for employees and potential employees who are seeking jobs can match their skills with the requirements for certain jobs and vice versa.
I was recently watching news and they were running a story of some American girl who apparently had followers running into hundreds of thousands on Instagram. This girl goes around taking pictures of certain hotspots for significant danger, especially to women against perpetrators of sexual assaults.

These areas include parks, tunnels, road sides etc. This information has been found to be very useful for the safety of women who reside in close proximity to these hotspots. I also recall that there was also the time here in Lesotho and in some areas in South Africa, when a group of men rode around in flashy cars and lured women to ride with them.
It was alleged at the time that these women ended up being sexually assaulted by these men. Pictures of the alleged perpetrators were on full display on social media. If all these allegations were to be true, then one can argue that this exposition may have saved lives.

There recently was also a story of one celebrity in South Africa who made known to the world via social media that a certain girl was being physically abused by her boyfriend. The victim herself never came out with this story. A fierce debate ensued as to whether or not the celebrity had a right to encroach on these people’s private affairs and lives.
Like everything else that comes with so much benefit, increasingly, social media has also been misused and right out abused.

The great Albert Einstein is quoted as having said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”
That day is now upon us. These days, everyone wants to make headlines as ‘the one who broke the news.’ Seconds after a car accident occurs, instead of onlookers busying themselves with rescue efforts and provision of first aid services, this is the time people get mobile phones out of their pockets and bags and take pictures to later be sent to social media circles.

What is even more absurd about this, an act which is not only inconsiderate but downright reckless and stupid is that these pictures and videos would be posted onto the social media even before family members of the victims are notified.

While still on that, some people are regrettably devoid of morality in totality. Sometime last year, pictures of an alleged Mosotho man whose manhood had grievously been mutilated after being caught red handed with his neighbour’s wife, made rounds on social media.

BY; Mosito Ntema

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