Love your baboon

Love your baboon

THREE brothers are herding sheep in the mountains when they stumble upon an injured baboon.
Two older brothers take turns to be intimate with it while their little brother, who is about eight, watches.
When they are done the little brother threatens to report their mischief to their parents.
They beg the little one to keep their secret but he will not relent.
Out of options, the older boys offer their little brother a chance to also have a go at the baboon. The little one says he is too scared so they should cover the baboon’s face with a blanket.
And so a blanket is thrown over the baboon and the young boy starts on it, slowly at first and vigorously as he got comfortable. A few minutes into the act the young boy is overcome with passion and starts screaming.

“’Nake hle khurumolla tšoenyane ena. E khurumolle hle kea kopa,” the little one says.
“Hoban’eng?” asks one of the older brothers.
“Ke batla ho e suna! A nke ke e mete hle!” says the little one, now shedding tears of pleasure.

The lesson: we are all prone to hypocrisy. The application: the ABC’s national executive committee.
Recall how the committee fired Professor Mahao and the Koro-koro constituency from the ABC for taking the party to court. Well, the tables have turned.

Soundly defeated at the recent elective conference, the same committee has now instigated some delegates to challenge and nullify the results in the High Court. Suddenly it’s not such a terrible idea to sue the ABC.
Irony is an odd thing. You can proudly wear it without noticing.
It’s not that the committee has forgotten how they treated Mahao and the Koro-koro constituency over the court case. It’s just that push has come to shove.

Those who accused Mahao and the people of Koro-koro of peeing in a village well have now been dangling out their pipes to do the same. Only this time they are doing it with much more zest.
We now know that rules in political parties are like bulldogs on a leash. The national committee choose when and on whom to unleash the dog.

Mahao was the enemy that deserved a biting in the buttocks because he wanted to contest an election. And so the dog bit him all the way from Roma, down Mokema, through the Palace of Justice until he eventually reached Lehakhoe. His only salvation is that his behind is made of steel.

Today the outgoing ABC committee is citing some technical claptrap to block the new committee from coming into office.
As Mahao’s committee waits outside, the outgoing committee is concocting some stinking court cases to nullify the election results.
The old committee has not set the bulldog on those who are dragging the party to court in their bid to overturn the results. It is such a sorry sight watching bearded men resort to nefarious schemes to cling on to power wrestled from them by the people.

You could see this desperation in the way the old committee disappeared with the keys to the ABC office. The pettiness would have been hilarious were it not a sad reflection on the calibre of leadership in the party.
Yet you will be a fool to think this committee doesn’t have a puppet master pulling the strings somewhere.
This battle is way beyond this committee. Muckraker hears that as the results were trickling in there was pandemonium at a certain oversized rondavel.

With each result, the wailing from the woman of that house grew louder. By the time the final announcement was done the woman was bawling in the yard. The loving husband was trying to console her but it was not working.
The tears are still flowing. Muckraker is tempted to sing her a lullaby: Weep not my sister/ this too shall pass…

Muckraker has had it to the back teeth with the teachers’ strike.

Last week a group of teachers resorted to venting their anger by pulling out pavement bricks to block Mpilo Road.
This they did while singing vulgar songs. While Muckraker understands their frustration with the government she cannot get why they have reduced themselves to insolent rascals.

Yet in a way their thuggish behaviour could illustrate why they have failed to make much progress on their issues. They have been bellowing for years but the government has not budged.
These are the same people who are so disorganised that they cannot even agree on a strike.
The unions are squabbling over seniority instead of dealing with the issues.

Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe we are the biggest. Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe we are the only ones with the right to negotiate with the government. Cut the crap comrades. No one cares who is larger than who. It’s not a weight contest.
You see this dire lack of focus in the way they have put across their issues.
Looking at their long list of grievances it is clear that the teachers are a confused bunch. There is no priority but just a long shopping list. They are crying about everything and everyone: Salaries, appointments, working conditions, pensions, principals, government, TSD, allowances and lack of tools.

Their strike probably has the widest agenda in the world. That complicates any attempt to resolve their issues. You pay salaries they ask about appointments. You deal with working conditions they talk about pensions.
You hire more teachers they say pay the allowances.
In all this, we should remember that despite their noises, Lesotho’s teachers don’t earn starvation wages. They earn way more than the average civil servant.

They don’t live large but it is a blue lie to say they are struggling. And even if some are struggling, it probably has nothing to do with their pay cheque but the lifestyle they chose, the extended families they have to feed or their spending habits.
It could be the spouses they chose. Never underestimate this one. If you married a lousy chap you will struggle all your life. Your misery has nothing to do with what you earn but the loser you have in the house.
It’s Valentine’s Day today so watch how your wife or husband behaves.
Their working conditions are not as horrible as they claim. These are the same people who work nine months a year. Ever heard of a teacher talking about working overtime?

What the hell are these working conditions they speak of?
They are the same people who are not paid according to their output. An indolent teacher earns the same as a hardworking one. Teachers who have never produced a pass in their career are taking home the same money with top performers.
Muckraker has never heard a teacher admitting that they have failed. It’s always the students, the working conditions, the school, principal or government. Those in rural schools say they are teaching poor kids who have to walk long distances to school.
Those in town say they are teaching rich kids who are spoilt.

Being a teacher doesn’t make you more important than any other civil servant. They should stop blackmailing us with this tosh about teaching our children because evidence suggests that most of them are doing a bad job of it. The stupidity overflowing in this country is evidence that teachers are doing a terrible job.

What the striking teachers did along Mpilo Road last week shows that there are so many idiots in the teaching sector.
No one is saying that teachers don’t matter. Muckraker is only saying they should not pretend that they matter more than other civil servants. So far, Muckraker is yet to be favoured with evidence to prove that our teachers deserve more than what they are getting.
Muckraker has a solution for the striking teachers: if your job is not paying enough find another.
But before submitting your resignation, remember that if your throw a stone at the main bus stop you are likely to hit a teacher.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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