Mosisili must leave the ANC alone

Mosisili must leave the ANC alone

When I saw the newspaper headlines that said former Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili had condemned the honouring of the late Chief Leabua Jonathan I was shocked at first but later the shock wore off as I looked at the person that was talking.
At political rallies, Mosisili always makes reference to the atrocities of the government that was led by Jonathan. He always makes sure to remind the congress compatriots that the “Nationalists” were and still are the most cruel and inhumane people Africa south of the Sahara. He passionately narrates the massacres that happened under what he calls the unpleasant rule of the BNP government.

However, Mosisili has never, I repeat never, honoured the founder of the once prosperous congress movement, a movement that is now just a shadow of what it used to be.
Dr Ntsu Mokhele, the founder of the congress movement, lost so much during the 1970s. The biggest loss for him was his good health. When Dr Mokhehle came home from exile he was no longer the person he used to be, his health had been adversely affected by living on the run.
Moreover, Dr Mokhehle’s only son got ill while stranded in another country and could not come home. He had a mental problem until his death earlier this year. Additionally, his nephew, who was also his namesake, died during that horrendous period.

Mosisili enjoyed being at the helm of this country for almost two decades because of the sacrifices that Dr Mokhehle made for the freedom of this country. Mosisili was able to lead a very strong political movement called the Lesotho Congress of Democracy riding on the fame of Dr Ntsu Clement Mokhehle.
But not once did he think of naming even a rural road in my home village of Qabane after Ntate Mokhehle.

Most of the cadres that were in exile with Dr Mokhehle continue to languish in poverty even today despite the fact that the congress movement led this country for more than a decade.
Some people died for the BCP in exile, their families do not even know where their graves are. Even though their parents sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Lesotho, and for the democratic government that Dr Mosisili proudly led, they continue to live in dire poverty.

Mosisili has never found it necessary to honour the fallen heroes of the Lesotho Liberation Army (LLA). He has never felt it was important to honour the founder and first leader of the movement he now calls home.

Yet he has the audacity to stand here and condemn people that want to honour those that did well to them. My shock never lasted long as I have indicated when I looked back and remembered the many families that lost so much in the name of the congress movement but that were never honoured during the rule of the congress movement.

I do not know what happened during Chief Leabua Jonathan’s rule as I was too young. I never experienced the sad outrages that are said to have been the trademark of his government.
However, the African National Congress has every right to build a statue and name one of their highways after him. After all, he was good to their comrades when they needed refuge.
He kept the ANC cadres in Lesotho at the expense of the relationship between the government of Lesotho and the apartheid government of South Africa. Such a huge sacrifice indeed needs to be acknowledged and what a better way for the ANC than erecting a statue and naming a highway after their hero?

The ANC is not saying they are honouring Dr Leabua for good governance. Rather for them it’s a gratuitous gesture for the good thing he did for their people who had no homes because of the violence in their country.

The ANC is honouring the man who helped them in their fight against the horrendous system of apartheid. Instead of pointing fingers at other people for having gratitude, it is time for our beloved former prime minister to apologise to the founders of the congress movement especially the LLA cadres for failing them for so many years on so many levels while he was enjoying a government seat because of the sacrifices they made. It is time for him to pray for a comeback of his party in government so that those that will succeed him will redress the injustices perpetrated against the LLA by their own successive governments.

By: Kelello Rakolobe 

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