‘One man’s meat is  another  man’s poison’

‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’

The Creator of the Universe made no two people the same. Mankind is divided into specific blood groups. One’s blood group is among the deciding factors in answering questions regarding health, state of mind, body weight and emotional strength.
Each blood group reacts in a different way to specific foods. Just as people do not have the same fingerprints, tone of voice, or lip prints; it is only logical that they should not necessarily eat the same foods.
One’s blood group is also the deciding factor in their energy levels, the manner in which the body burns calories, and hence body weight and the emotional reaction to stress.

The person’s personality is also to a certain extent, indicated by their blood group. There must be a reason why some people lose a lot of weight on a certain diet, and others not at all.
Through the years, it has been proven by renowned physicians that patients within the A-blood group react very badly to a high protein diet, which includes high volumes of red meat, but that their systems react extremely well to certain types of vegetables, for instance Soya,

On the other hand, consumptions of dairy products such as milk leads to high volumes of mucus production in the sinuses and air passages of the A-blood groups.
The A- groups react negatively to strenuous physical exercise and they feel drained and restless afterwards, while gentle, less strenuous exercise makes them feel very good. But the O-blood groups flourish on high protein diets and strong physical exercise that makes them sweat.

Through scientific research, it has been proven that stomach ulcers are very common among the O-blood groups. A stomach ulcer can be caused by excess acidity on the stomach lining.
The O-groups do well with red meats, which require a fair amount of acidity to digest. The stomach cancer is far more prominent in the A groups, as this is caused by a shortage of acidity in the stomach among other factors.
You are definitely able to determine which foods will make you ill, which will make you gain weight, and which will be beneficial to your healing, according to your blood group. There are 4 main categories of blood groups:

  • Blood group A
  • Blood group B
  • Blood group O
  • Blood group AB

Find out your blood group, next week we shall look into The O-blood groups, being the most common. We will look into how their body reacts to certain foods and types of exercises. In the subsequent weeks we shall have a series on other blood groups.
The saying is indeed practical “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

Retšelisitsoe Nkhahle is Mosotho pharmacist based in Botswana. She is pursuing an Msc.

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