Thabane sold us to the Chinese

Thabane sold us to the Chinese

This week I wish to remind you of an old saying, usually attributed to Confucius which says: ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’
This proverb to me simply means that it can be more beneficial in the long run to teach a person how to do something than to do that something for them.
Teaching a person a useful skill can be more beneficial in the long run than filling a need temporarily, that’s essentially the meaning of this proverb. So, for example, the ruling All Basotho Convention (ABC) last week gave hungry Basotho food packages and heaters at Qhoali constituency. The people’s hunger will be satisfied, but only for a short time.

The ABC-led government must teach Basotho how to trade and stop fooling around. They should put them in the way of business, using procurement to empower Basotho so that they may earn an honest livelihood and not be forced to the dreadful alternative of holding up their hands for charity.
It’s a shame that the ABC that is leading the government today still forces the electorate to hold up their hands for some freebies. This is the ABC that pledged to fight hunger, remember their slogans “Sera sa motho ke tlala” which when translated means, “The enemy of a human being is hunger.”

I am amazed that even in government, the ABC thinks of temporary solutions to a problem that has always been with Basotho and will forever remain with Basotho unless we creatively come up with permanent solutions to poverty and hunger. Come on ABC stop being lazy, use your heads!
However, the same ABC when in power has disenfranchised Basotho by taking away their livelihoods. The ABC-led government stole the wool and mohair industry from Basotho and sold it to the Chinese. It robbed Basotho of the red meat industry and delivered it to the Chinese.
It uses government tenders to empower the Chinese, yet they forget that Sam Matekane who gives back to Basotho today, was made through government tenders.

The ABC believes in giving Basotho hand-outs, whereby Basotho are forced to rely totally on the ABC support and provision for too long a period. The ABC-led government is delivering millions to a Chinese man, Yan Xie also known as John, and in return John gives them food packages and heaters. When the government gives a Mosotho man opportunities, this is what Basotho get in return.
Last week at his home village of Mantšonyane, Sam Matekane instead, taught his village people how to fish, by building a world class infrastructure, a skills development centre. Matekane was deliberately taught how to fish by the government. He is a product of a deliberate government policy to empower Basotho in the construction industry.
The people from this village and future generations will eat whenever they get hungry. The people will gain valuable skills that will enable them to fish whenever they want to.

Matekane has elevated the standard of living in the poor, rural village of Mantsonyane.
Nevertheless, I suppose Matekane does not settle all possible problems of the people in Mantšonyane and his methods of helping his neighbours are not the only right methods. The fact is he is doing something meaningful and futuristic in his home village.
Matekane through his actions, categorically declares that poverty is not to be suffered in silence by the poor, nor can it be tolerated by those with power to change it. He has mobilized for action and that is a commendable act.
When Yan Xie aka John gives food packages and heaters to the ABC leadership, he expects to benefit in return. John will never spend more than M1 million in philanthropic projects.

He gives politicians just enough to buy votes but expects millions from the government’s purse. He is planting a tender seed. He reaps beyond what he puts in. But Matekane is doing this with no ulterior motives.
I wish the government could empower and build two millionaires like Matekane in each district. Basotho will benefit in return. The government-empowered Chinese millionaires insult us with food packages and heaters. They enslave our people and have no respect for Basotho at all.

Thabane’s entire premiership has been a constant stream of corruption, nonsense, and disastrous policy-making, and he has spent the past two years weakening indigenous Basotho entrepreneurs and increasing our dependency on the Chinese.

In our quest for economic growth which will translate into an improvement in the living standards of the indigenous Basotho, our country should use instruments like the Indigenisation and Basotho Economic Empowerment programme which are redistributive in nature and not be content with Chinese donations of food and heaters, when we have surrendered our economy to the Chinese.
Basotho should not wait for the trickledown effect of wealth from an economy that has been delivered to the Chinese on a silver platter by our government.

Ramahooana Matlosa

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