The mighty ABC has hit an iceberg!

The mighty ABC has hit an iceberg!

THERE is a movie called Titanic that is based on a true life-story of a disaster that happened in 1912. The Titanic was a ship that the designers said was unsinkable. But it sank in the icy waters of the North Atlantic after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage, killing 1 517 people.
The All Basotho Convention (ABC) party reminds me of the Titanic. We have been forced to watch the reality show of the sinking ABC and its leader Prime Minister Thomas Thabane. I am afraid their reality show is slowly coming to an end!
The sinking of the Titanic has become a legendary story about the dangers of hubris. The ABC is also suffering from hubris. The mighty, unsinkable ABC has hit an iceberg and I am afraid it has started to sink.

In 2017 the ABC message was a novelty that everyone wanted to try and give a chance by voting for Thabane and his party but interest has now waned as very little has changed in three years.
In the last elections all across the country, ABC candidates were talking about the issues that were keeping Basotho up at night – employment creation for all, improving hospitals and clinics, improving education, focusing on road construction, rural development, assisting Lesotho nationals in South Africa, reducing internet data cost, ensure affordable internet, building an economy that works for everyone, and ending the culture of corruption that Khokanya Phiri brought to the government in 2015!
But the ABC appears to have sleepwalked into a leadership crisis. Thabane’s government is looking more and more like a reality TV show. He is driving the affairs of this country in a manner that a drunken Honda Fit driver would find imprudent.

Is Prime Minister Thabane on borrowed time? Can he survive the month? Until Christmas? Until next year? In the last few months the ABC has been plunged into panic since the day Thabane refused to accept his party’s democratically elected National Executive Committee.
According to the Collins online dictionary, a reality show “is a type of television programme that aims to show how ordinary people behave in everyday life, or in situations, often created by the programme makers, which are intended to represent everyday life.”
It’s been three years since we started watching Thabane’s reality show. Unfortunately the Prime Minister’s reality show is on the decline right now. I am not impressed with Thabane’s reality show. I feel the show is starting to become monotonous, soul-destroying and the quality is fading away.
I am starting to see it and I don’t know if too many others are noticing but Thabane’s reality show is starting to lose its thrill. People are getting more and more fed up with the incompetence, corruption, dysfunction and insanity of the coalition government.
The government loyalists keep on thinking Thabane can’t come up with a worse storyline but Thabane and his wife, First Lady ’Maesiah never disappoint, they keep generating a more hilarious narrative.

The Prime Minister looks present, but he’s not really here. He talks, but no one actually listens to what he’s saying. He’s unproductive and his team seems to get the minimal work done.
What has happened to him, you wonder? Thabane has now become a shadow of his former self. When Thabane’s reality show falls from grace, the rise back to the top will be arduous.
Lesotho is entering an unprecedented period of political turmoil that has been instigated by Thabane’s stubborn refusal to accept a democratically elected National Executive Committee.
ABC members who might be inclined to sign up for another season of Thabane’s fading reality show should pause and take stock. There should be no doubt, at this point, that the man is a giant loser who will drag the ABC party and the coalition government down with him.

Like a television show that has jumped the shark, Thabane’s frantic act is growing more desperate by the day.
Over the past two years, Thabane has presided over unbridled corruption and downright mismanagement of the economy. That has been particularly true with regard to how his government has dealt with the wool and mohair farmers which was utter robbery. That crisis has led to economic ruin for Basotho farmers.
The effects of such ruinous policies are beginning to be felt throughout the land. And it is all getting worse. Thabane is however anxious to award himself high marks when the rest of the nation feels he has failed.

Thabane has already robbed the government of any coherent philosophy. The party that once claimed it would support local farmers now abuses them by robbing them of their wool and mohair and delivering it to the Chinese on a silver platter.
The party that once stood for fiscal responsibility and hired the best ministers now manages the nation’s finances in a manner that a drunken Honda Fit driver would find injudicious. The party that once claimed to champion Basotho enterprises now winks at payoffs to Chinese robbers. The party that once valued order now celebrates Sybaritic chaos.
Once upon a time Thabane was the brightest star in the galaxy. Then the wife came along — and suddenly he became a relic. It’s a turn of fate that awaits Ntate Motsoahae Thomas Thabane.
After occupying the country’s top leadership position, Thabane and his wife are suffering from a sharp decline in the public’s eyes and consciousness. They have just disappointed so many people.
Like the Titanic, the ABC ship has hit an iceberg and will sink. It will break in half and it shall plunge down to the sea floor. Captain Motsoahae Thomas Thabane is determined to go down with the ship.

But it is up to the leaders to rescue as many ABC members as possible. My understanding is that people will have to leave the ABC in big numbers or they will perish. Even rats tend to leave a sinking ship.

Ramahooana Matlosa

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