The thieves of hope

The thieves of hope

In an ideal situation, as we enter into a new year, we should enter with a spirit of euphoria, hope and enthusiasm.
However, most Basotho enter into the New Year with a sense of hopelessness in their hearts because of the mess Lesotho politicians have created.
We, the Basotho people, have simply lost faith and confidence in our politicians that they will point us in the right direction. A direction of hope. We are tired of lies and empty promises. Re khathetse!

The people that have been entrusted with steering the ship of hope don’t know where the docking station is located. The docking station that is full of milk and honey. That is the destination. That is the hope that everyone wants.
I once painted a scenario on the chaotic political landscape of Lesotho. I told my friends that imagine travelling to Cape Town by bus. Cape Town is the destination that all people in the bus are yearning for. Destination milk and honey.

Then, along the way, some of the passengers start fighting the bus driver in order to drive the bus. Even passengers that know nothing about driving would want to jump on the driver’s seat in order to try their luck. Operative word being “luck”.
Moreover, imagine passengers that don’t even know where Cape Town is, fighting one another to drive the bus. It would be a chaotic situation. You would find a bus travelling north towards Zimbabwe or east towards Mozambique in the quest to reach Cape-Town.

Would that kind of environment give any hope at all? Not-at-all. So, why do incompetent and unskilled individuals feel the need to be politicians in Lesotho?
Basotho are hungry for hope. They are hungry for hope that one-day, jobs will be available so that they provide for their families. They are desperate to see Lesotho peaceful and economically stable.

Lesotho politicians are not committed to this hope. They are consumed by their love for power and their obsession with being ministers. We live in very difficult times where politicians play with the lives of the vulnerable people.
As a result of all the chaos in our political landscape, Basotho have simply lost hope in their country. The future looks very dark and blurry. This has now sparked a debate of Lesotho’s incorporation into South Africa, as a tenth province.

Some Basotho are pro-incorporation and some patriots such as my friend, Bokang Kheekhe, are adamant that the mess can be cleaned.
In one of the many political debates I hold, my friend and business partner, Karabo Maitin, once mentioned a profound statement that Lesotho politicians don’t understand their primary objective. Their sole mandate is to give their citizens hope. Where there is hope, there is life. All other things will fall into place.
Basotho have very basic demands. They are not looking for complicated things. Their demands are very simple. In my research, the top five needs that most Basotho people have, are as follows:

l  Jobs
l  Quality education
l  Quality health-care
l  Access to quality services (roads, water & electricity)
l  Peace and stability

Jobs will always come first. However, for jobs to be generated, there has to be a certain level of peace and stability for investors to have confidence in the economy.
There has to be political-will for development to take place. Our politicians have to be pro-development because development creates jobs. No development, No jobs!
Well, on the ground, quite the opposite occurs. As soon as a politician is elected to either be a member of parliament or minister, they suddenly forget about their promises and duties.
The first thing on their minds is to buy Florsheim shoes, Carducci suits and to start eating out at hotels and backrooms of Chinese restaurants. Nothing on development.
Our politicians are cut from the same cloth. A dirty clot smeared with lies, deceit, rot, corruption, adultery, hatred and murder. Those are the characteristics of what the Lesotho politics and the politicians are.
This is what makes our headlines on our newspapers, week in, week out. There is nothing about job creation or economic development.
The current state of this nation is an insult to the legacy of King Moshoeshoe I. What Lesotho has become is far from what he envisioned and sacrificed his life for.
The vision of King Moshoeshoe was to see Basotho living in peace and harmony.

‘Mako Bohloa

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