Walk towards your dream

Walk towards your dream

“The home is at the end of the village, right at the beginning of the village… that is if you were to count the houses from the eastern side of the village to the south west bank of the river where the other (farthest) side of the village is, right on the banks of the river and above the flood-line. The end and the beginning in one home, in one house of many individuals of different character…” so goes the passage in one book one is currently reading just before the new year peeps high enough above the rim of the bucket of history for all of us to acknowledge that the year has indeed finally come, right on the heels of the year gone past into the review buckets and document shelves of history where all the years splendid and uneventful go.

This period in between the years is a time of questions, introspections, resolutions, and an almost general sense of musing on the slight and major failings of the past year and how they can be dealt with for the next 365¼ days to reach the desired goals: of which there are many according to each individual’s sense of character and level of commitment.
There has to be a point certain or imagined aimed at, a goal to be reached, and an achievement wished for, or, there could be none of the aforementioned for the mind that seeks rest after long and tedious travail over the past years in the history of time and the individual. We aim for something to reach it, what it is depends upon the individual that takes the decision to focus on it and make something of or do something about it to change it from its previous form.

Acknowledgement of time is sure as accepting that things change from moment to moment, that they move from one point to the next, the direction of the movement progressive or regressive dependent upon the individual that acknowledges the clock on the wall and also anyone that watches the hands of it move forward as is commonly known in that clockwise tick-tock revolution.
Whether there was time before time is a fact too broad to question, and what can be focused upon is the evidence present of the age when man began to acknowledge the change of the seasons and the different shades of the sun as the day progresses until the point beyond the dusk, just before true darkness falls over the earth and the stars come out in all of their brilliance to prove to man and the rest of creation that the world we live still has its wonders that cannot be robbed of their supernaturalness by the advances in the civilisation of man’s kind.

There is just simply no way we can erase or change what we do not understand and that which is beyond our understanding. It offers us the room to question ourselves long enough to know that we at the end of the day need each other due to the fact that nature makes us aware how miniscule we are in terms of knowledge and understanding despite the almost religious but fallacious self-held belief that we humans are the best veggies in the garden of mother nature and God.

What we do not know fires up our curiosity and aids in shifting us forward to some point of achievement, for if we continue to question things, then moving forwards to some point of attainment envisioned becomes a reality that forces us to wake up the dawn of everyday with a sense of purpose.
There are objectives and goals to be reached in the life of the purposeful individual, and the basic wish (one can safely assume) is to succeed if things go according to plan. That plan is the basic route-map of where we want to go, where we would want to be, that is, it forms part of the decision, the resolution which we make and aim to follow at the point we take the decision to go somewhere, to gain something, and to give our lives a sense of purpose that is sustained by the focus on attaining some target.

The target is often merely a wish, but it is the type of wish so strong that it keeps one wanting to know more about the future, working hard in the present to fashion that future vision into something tangible, an entity that can be touched, heard, seen, tasted, and smelt. Only a few claim to have sight into the inner ramifications of the future, the rest of us have to plod on buoyed only by hope and a faithful type of ignorance.

Ignorance does not mean that gaining will and attempting to pave a way is not found in the individual, some may know the way but lack the will to follow it, others have the will but do not possess the map of the way but still have enough fire in them to go out in search of the elusive way even though they in fact have not seen it before.
It is the way of the warriors of time, those individuals that watch not the storm-clouds but make the journey towards success in spite of the deluge of storms and rivers in flood on the way there.
Oftentimes, one hears that this is the path many choose not to follow, for it demands too much out of the character of the individual that is faced with the reality of making a plan beforehand or just plunging blindly into the thick of things.

Sometimes the years just demand this, that one should listen only to their gut instinct and forget the book before they take any action to change their ordinary selves to a level less or above the ordinary. The reality of life is that we know not what the future shall unfold for us, we merely hope in faith that what it shall bring will be in our favour, and it is on the basis of this that I believe people should plan for their year.
For some, the year begins in August, for others in January, and at various other periods of the year according to the upbringing one is raised in, in terms of religion and belief, in terms of natural seasons or time constraints.

Only the Gregorian year however seems to control the larger population of the world and thus we follow the year from January through June to December. January is here and the New Year is beginning, and there is a thousand plans to be followed by almost every adult and non-adult individual, everyone has a dream they consciously or subconsciously want to reach.
The resolutions made are the roadmaps that help one in moving towards the desired dream, and what remains is for one as an individual to be committed and disciplined enough to hold on until they reach it.

A dream is just a dream until one focuses enough on attaining it to the point where it becomes a reality. Reaching this reality means that one should make peace with the fact that nothing that is valuable is easy to find or reach: attaining goals is travail, long tedious hours of hard work put in to see the dream becoming a reality. Following a dream through to the point of its becoming and realisation is hard work; one should make peace with this fact before dreaming.

The most common error in the speeches of the folks one meets on the way is found in the statement that one needs inspiration before they can do something. The opposite is actually the right way to go about searching for inspiration, that is, one first has to do before they get inspired, kind of like putting the thread into the needle first before the pattern comes into one’s mind and hand.
Sitting down and waiting for inspiration is similar to a farmer that observes the clouds before they can sow any seed into the soil and the question is: What if the rains fall in a deluge and render the soil untillable, what if they don’t come at all?

The farmer that tills the soil and sows the seeds before the rains come bears the advantage of a sure harvest if the rains come and the option of getting something out of the soil if little rains fall on the land. Inspiration comes after one does something about changing their current circumstances, inspiration comes in the form of encouragement from peers and in the form of motivation as one sees the product of their dreams take form and become tangible, like the farmer that is pleased at the sight of the first sprouts of the seeds sown into the soil.
Never be one to be coaxed into action, act first and see the motivation come with the advancement of the growth of that which you envisioned, otherwise sit on that chair until kingdom come for some word of encouragement to start something that at the end of the day benefits you more than anyone else in terms of the sweet pleasure that comes with achieving something.

The resolutions never come to be because a lot of us folks come with great expectations and little effort. There is just no way that little effort can reap big rewards, great effort is what begets great rewards and the delusion of the current world that one can work from their smart-phone is only there to breed more overweight couch potatoes.
One should believe in walking towards their dreams in the real sense of the term walking, that is, there should be real physical effort put in towards the attainment of a wish or a dream. The fact of the matter is that the individual that seeks fortune without toiling before they get it is similar to a hungry cow that does not want to walk to the pasture to graze, or a thirsty man that won’t bother to pick up the jug and draw water from the well. To be resolute means to be stern in purpose or belief: a quality that is characterised by firmness and determination.

The physical actually matches the psychological and one should always work hard to ensure that they match at all times, and this means that the individual that makes the resolution should physically and psychologically be committed to the decision they take at the beginning of their year or given period (time frame).
There is no way a resolution can be kept alive if one dilly dallies and is not disciplined when it comes to following the steps towards the attainment of a given dream.

The moment of rest is actually meant to be a period where one recharges their mental and physical batteries to ensure that they reach the desired point of destiny in their vision. It does not help much to follow the trends that have seen a continent in the arms of poverty since the start of the belief in western religion and the advent of colonialism.
The period marked as the holidays is often misused as people actually spend most of it revelling instead of resting.

These are the kind of people that get the Monday blues, those individuals that come with last year’s hangover on the 3rd of January. Often broke, often worried, these are the ones that lack the strength to see their resolutions through, because last year’s fatigue still is in their minds and their bones.
There is just no way one can hope to succeed in a year they begin on a low note, a good start actually has more chances of getting a good ending than a tired start that means one shall lag behind as the race into the year advances.

Get yourself some rest for a day or two if last year couldn’t offer you enough rest. It could be the one thing that gives you a chance in the New Year. Santa is gone with his reindeers, the fireworks too are gone, so is their acrid smell of gunpowder, the noise is gone, and the reality of the year ahead stares one in the face. Reflect on how you can make up for the errors of last year by drawing up a new plan right now.There is just no way one can follow up the path if there are no signs, and what you write down is similar to drawing a map to reach the destination/s set out in the resolutions for the year/s.

It does not matter what one envisions, there is little chance of attaining it if one does not take the effort to put it in ink and paper. If money is ink printed on paper, the individual that has the dream to make money should understand that they too need to write down their plan of action to gain it.
The hypocrisy that money is evil should not be part of the resolution, for well, money makes the world go round and should be pursued at all costs. So is the resolution for this year.

By Tšepiso Mothibi

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