Why Africa will never progress

Why Africa will never progress

THE most successful are those that know what they do with their time, noting aspects of life in journals, recounting events in news reports, keeping track of the days in diaries, accounting for every little penny spent in ledgers, in short; marking time, keeping track of time, and thus being able to become aware of the significance of time when engaged in day-to-day activities.
Nothing can change the time, except the individual that finds ways to get ahead of time, that is, to do certain tasks and to be aware of events before they actually occur: making the individual that so lives take such titles as visionary, genius, guru, and such other titles attached to the personage of the one/more individuals who excel in their given fields.
The writer needs to possess a certain level of precognition to know which stories are worthy of the paper they are written on, and the inventor of things needs to understand the basic needs of the people in the environment he or she is living, for therefrom spring the solutions that address the basic needs in the garb of ‘invention/innovation’.
There is just no wasting time when it gets to the point where the individual that seeks to succeed has to take the decision whether or not they should accept the fact that time is of great importance when it comes to life specific and general.

The most important part of any system lies in the process of accounting, for it is the accountant that can gauge the exact amounts that are needed to keep the system going at a competent level. Without the wisdom of the accountant and their skill, a system is sure to flounder due to lack of funds, for then there is no one that can calculate how much is needed to see the success of project.
High and mighty are the executives in any given system, but the fact of the matter is that even they cannot earn their salaries without the wisdom of the accountant that often toils in the background, ensuring that everyone gets their due in terms of salaries and wages, in terms of ensuring that there are adequate reserves of funds when it comes to running costs.
This skill is however not limited only to the formal accountant, for it applies to almost every member of society that is earning an income, is a spender of the funds that come as rewards from labour, and who is forced to save for the hard days ahead.

The process of accounting actually comes across as hard for a lot of individuals because we in actual fact either lack the accounting skill or are simply ‘too busy’ to look into our books and observe the spending patterns stemming from our lifestyle.
The old adage, ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ may come across as too blunt, but the truth is that it is in fact true that most of us can be prudent when the income is little but soon go into unbridled extravagance when the income levels increase to levels unexpected.

The saver that did not have to worry in the days when they were poor because they understood that every cent counts soon forget the importance of this habit when they fall upon riches.
Forgetting that the basis of wealth lies in acknowledging the fact that it is the little things that count far more than the great, as the engine is kept together by bolts and nuts, so is our relative comfort buoyed by frugality when it comes to matters of finance.

An Indian mogul once said that many an individual were in their quest for comfort thrown into the arms of poverty, because they spend the funds meant to maintain their comfort on frivolities disguised as celebration of achievement.
Rather than go out and splurge, he advises, one should rather sit down and draw up a plan of what they will do with the funds they got from their labour. Many of us choose to go to the bar or pub after payday before going to the grocery store, thus the reason why months such as January are labelled ‘Hard Times’.
Many hold the notion that comfort means being able to spend vast amounts of cash without the fear of the future, the truth is to the contrary: comfort means being able to spend well within one’s means without the worry that the funds will run out.

This in essence means that one should be frugal in their spending, and to keep enough funds in the reserves to counter any unforeseen problems that come with the process of living.
Accidents are not planned, relatives that come knocking at the door to seek help cannot be turned away with the lame excuse that life in the city is hard, this means that one does not save only for self but also any collateral scenarios that may come up in the life of one.

The basis to the cultivation of a character that always has enough means that one should avoid being or adopting the self-absorbed attitude that sings such blasphemies as, “every man/woman for himself/herself,” that was adopted soon as the colonial ways of living were inculcated.

The basic truth in any African’s life is that we are a communal society and this therefore means that one shall always pay ‘black tax’, that is, there will always be relatives to take care of that necessitate that one should not account only for self but also for the others that are less fortunate.
Being able to account stems from the basic understanding that there are others out there that cannot help themselves due to different circumstances, and these people should always be put to the fore.

Used as political speak to rally support in party politics, the concept and idea of Ubuntu/Botho acknowledges the fact that one is because there are others that make the sacrifice to see one through each passing day. One cannot be a standalone figure, for if they do, then the basis that drives discipline fades away, and such standalone figures soon forget themselves, lost in the fascination and reflection of their own little achievements that acknowledge no one but the conceited self.
Discipline stems from understanding that there are others out there whose existence depends upon being able to note that they are there, that they may have needs that have to be addressed at any given point in time.

Following a given pattern of living for the sake of others in actual fact makes one as an individual stronger in terms of adopting the right way.
The right way is that which acknowledges that one shall live with others harmoniously, that one’s life shall intersect with those of others at all times, in short; one should acknowledge that they are not alone, that there are others.

We have regressed as country and continent because we adopted ways of living alien to our primal nature. Far often than less, we did not even understand what it is that we had adopted, and this meant that there was a lot of probability that we would misinterpret and misuse it.
White living became the norm for many of those that left their homelands for the bright light of the city and the township, and many forgot home or chose to forget home, with the misconstrued perception that one’s poor living condition in the shacks justified not visiting home from time to time.

Meanwhile, the white figure being followed kept their Thanksgiving and family reunion days on the calendar, as the black retreated farther into the arms of forgetfulness.
This is the type of forgetfulness that erases the very people that gave birth to the amnesiac, the very people that contributed to the upbringing of the forgetter, leaving the heedless individual scattered mentally and physically, just like the tree that loses its roots and soon dries up and shrivels.
The country and the continent shall never progress because there is no acknowledgement of what is close, but the worship of that which is far. It is the only escape from the fact that one has lost themselves.

Accounting for self requires that one should first understand and know themselves before they venture out to understanding the world around them. Knowing one’s self makes it easier for those that one comes across to know how to deal with him or her.
This is because such an individual can easily account their beginnings, their encounters and their experiences. This gives those that come across such an individual as can account for self clearer understanding that leads to better judgement of character.

Being poorly judged often comes from being misunderstood, because the truth is that a lot of us cannot even answer the simple question; who are you? One has to know where they come from, whose son or daughter they are, and what they intend to achieve in life.
Without a clear understanding of these factors, it becomes quite hard for anyone to map their route in life, and as mentioned in a previous article, life needs one to draw a map of their life in the form of a plan: the plan is actually an account of the projected and the achieved.

The call these days is that the fiscus is in trouble, and I think that the lead cause to this is that we have a government made up of individuals that do not understand their basic duty in office.
It is a fact that the parliament in Lesotho is too large to run such a small state, it is a fact that there are far too many political parties, and it is a fact that too many minds engaged in few affairs are bound to ruin everything as everyone soon begins to think that their opinion is better than the next person’s, in short, we begin to have a society of self-righteous individuals that carry on discussions on non-important issues.

I have had the opportunity to watch bird migrations, and the flock is always led by one bird in the V-formation many of these flocks often adopt. It is a sacred pattern reminiscent in form to the arrow-tip and it helps the flock get to a better place. What happens in a system where there are many birds leading the flock is that self-interest soon takes over and the masses that voted a government into power end up abused.

Driven by differing characters, giving an account of what really goes in such a government actually becomes impossible, for the secretary is one, the accountant is one, but the individuals whose lives they have to capture are many and varied.

We can never progress and in actual fact, Lesotho is regressing into totalitarian rule: where the rights of the ruling class and party take precedence over the needs and interests of the masses.
Accounting does not apply only to commerce, but also to every other sphere of life. If one cannot track their movements, then they cannot give valid records of how they got to where are.
There is talk about reforms in this land, but the question remains: are there actual platforms where the masses can question the ruling class with regard to the progress made towards reforming?
I have not seen such, perhaps there are but reforms mean nothing if only the views of a given sector are given precedence over those of others and the larger sector in society.
The basic problem we have always had in this country is that there is a poor culture of acknowledgement, some individuals are only focused on getting a standing applause without actually honouring the promises they make in their speeches, in short, there is more empty talk than real delivery.

It is delivery on the promised the masses need, instead of this systematic starving of the masses to keep them silent which has its roots in the fact that the systems of accounting are in blunt terms tosh. People vote for change, they never actually get it because there are no mechanisms to enable them to track it.

The politics in this country are a magic show where the entertainer plays sleight of hand to deceive the masses into believing that there is actually substance in their speeches when there is in fact nothing, change is only for the few affiliates. That too shall not be seen because there is no account of it.
Forgetting self, understanding one’s position with regard to others around and beyond, noting the essence of time, valuing resources, and forgetting the acts of pride one sees and hears of in political speak shall lead the land somewhere. #

The current pattern shall lead us nowhere, for we need to know everything that goes on instead of being told of what is going on like we are little children. We should stop supporting what we only feel and begin focusing on what we can see and touch: what is tangible and can be given account of. For now, there are no positive changes in the circumstances within the Mountain Kingdom.

By: Tšepiso S. Mothibi

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