A guidebook for young entrepreneurs

A guidebook for young entrepreneurs

ROMA – MY intention with this book is to produce young pioneers and bulldozers who will take over their communities with their talent or passion while creating jobs.
Teenagers are at the stage of self-discovery and most of them are in primary and high schools with so much energy that if well directed and coached they can do wonders.

In the world today, especially in Lesotho, we hear of the terms “innovation and entrepreneurship”.
We have seen much of scientific innovation so far where the National University of Lesotho (NUL) is creating apps, harvesting other forms of energy like solar energy and bio-gas, and making exceptional food products.
They are also tapping into herbal medicines.

Still in Lesotho, there are other interesting innovations like books and music produced by our current and past NUL students and staff members.
Just visit the NUL Research and Innovations page on Facebook and have an idea of what I am talking about.
Young Basotho are producing soaps, cosmetics, branded clothing and so on. All these efforts are geared towards creating jobs and overcoming unemployment.

So how does this affect the teenagers in schools?
They need to get ready to join and support the new way of doing things, and so far following one’s passion is the easiest and the most rewarding.
In this book therefore, I am showing teenagers and those who have just enrolled at tertiary institutions and any other person who might be interested how they can work on their talent or profession to solve community problems while creating jobs for themselves and others.

In the book I have also shared my own story of self-discovery – my walk with innovation and entrepreneurship in Lesotho.
I have sought to demonstrate how important it is to take bold steps towards achieving your dream; how those small thoughts, ideas, and efforts have contributed to what is now such a beautiful story – the manufacturing and commercialisation of products locally.
My personal story also seeks to show that you don’t have to move mountains to bring about change. No matter how small your idea, or how crazy your thought might seem, pursue it.

Sometimes you may initiate an idea, but that same idea can be propagated by someone else into a story of success.
You don’t have to be angry. When one sows a seed, another one waters, but the harvest is for us all.
God will reward you accordingly.

That actually shows the power of concerted effort.

Portrayed in my personal story also, is the fact that obstacles, rejections, and resistance that you might experience in the journey are only meant for your growth, to strengthen your patience and faith, and sometimes it is God implying that you should change direction.
As long as you have a strong conviction about your idea, “u kholisehile moeeng”, hold on to it, never give up on it.

Sometimes it may seem as if you are stuck, that is called a period of dormancy – just like seeds lie dormant in winter.
As soon as the right conditions show up, growth will manifest itself.
Never drop your ideas, rather archive them and retrieve them in due time.

In the meantime brood upon your idea, incubate it…the right time will come.
Sometimes you won’t be heard, then allow yourself to be read.
Put your thoughts on paper.
Brand yourself into an author and you will gain authority and credibility.
You will be heard finally.

That’s what bulldozers do.
They make a way where there is none.
You too can set your goals so high that you will not depend on your own abilities to achieve them, but on the power of God who created the heavens and the earth.

Anything is possible.
I end this book by warning you, a young Mosotho that the start of economic revolution has commenced in Lesotho, and that tertiary students and current young professionals are embracing this initiative.
The time to complain about unemployment is over.

You should therefore start preparing your mindset so that when the relay baton (lesokoana) lands in your hands, you will be ready to take over and not let the motive die in your hands.
All young people in the world must get this clear: without being innovative and entrepreneurial, the law of natural selection will overpower you and unemployment will be inevitable.
The only way to escape this is by starting to tone your talent now and cultivate the right mindset.
I believe in your future.

’Makhotso Ketsi

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