A passionate farmer

A passionate farmer

MASERU – Nkaku Kabi’s primary concern in government is health. But that does not keep him away from his other passion: agriculture.
As a farmer, Kabi has a soft spot for agriculture and his latest attention is on the politics of wool and mohair.
Kabi says the issue of wool and mohair “is so big that it needs to be handled with care because many Basotho eke out a living in growing wool and mohair”.
He says messing it up means putting the livelihood of thousands of Basotho families in jeopardy.

“Our way of politicking will derail us as a nation.”
The government and the Lesotho National Wool and Mohair Growers Association are at each other’s throats over the control of the wool and mohair auctions.
The government wants wool and mohair to be auctioned locally through an identified single broker who has a mandate to invite international buyers into the country.

The farmers on the other hand view this as creating the auction monopoly and say they want to take their wool and mohair anywhere in the world for auctioning.
This has created the tug-of-war between the government and the farmers – and as can be expected, the opposition has taken the war as their own.

Caswell Tlali

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