Clerics clash over control of diocese

Clerics clash over control of diocese

MASERU – DAGGERS are drawn between two senior Anglican Church of Lesotho (ACL) clerics over the control of the diocese.
The nasty fight between the head of the Anglican Diocese of Lesotho, Bishop Adam Taaso, and his nemesis Reverend Maieane Khaketla, has now spilled onto the social media.

Khaketla is campaigning for the removal of Taaso and the Archbishop of Cape Town and Metropolitan of the Anglican Church in Southern Africa, Thabo Makgoba, on Facebook. The #Taaso and Makgoba Must Go is trending on Facebook.

On the other hand, the church’s secretariat is threatening to launch the #Hands off our Archbishop and Bishop.
The Lesotho diocesan told a press conference on Tuesday that it will be urgently invoking the constitution and canons of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa as the supreme law of the Church, in order to take appropriate action against Khaketla.

Addressing the conference, a member of the diocesan ’Matiisetso Libetso said Khaketla posted the statements on one of his Facebook pages in which he denigrates the Archbishop and the Bishop.
Libetso said in December last year, Archbishop Makgoba visited the Diocese of Lesotho to consecrate the new All Saints Anglican Church in Tša-Kholo in Mafeteng.

“In a Facebook post Reverend Khaketla shamelessly castigated His Grace for his homily on the day,” Libetso said.
Libetso said following the visit, Khaketla wrote a disgraceful letter to Archbishop Makgoba in which he claims that the joint statement of reconciliation which was signed in October 2016 following the reinstatement to the priesthood of Reverend Khaketla and five others was being ignored and trampled on by Bishop Taaso.

Libetso said in the same letter Khaketla was demanding to meet Archbishop Makgoba and Bishop Taaso by-passing the structures of the Anglican Church in Lesotho.

Libetso said as if that was not enough Khaketla is now bold enough to campaign openly for the removal of Archbishop Makgoba as the Head of the Anglican Church in Southern Africa.

“Reverand Khaketla finally labels Archbishop Makgoba as a dismal failure,” she said.
Libetso said they cannot tolerate Khaketla’s behaviour any longer and they say # Not with our Bishop and Archbishop.
Khaketla told thepost that for now all he can say is that he stands by all he has said and the onus is on Libetso and the Diocesan Council to prove that he is lying.

“#Adam Taaso must Go! #Thabo Makgoba must go!” Khaketla shouted.
He said the fact is he has to resort to social media because he has no platform.

He said between November and December 2016 they wrote seven letters to the Bishop of Lesotho and he has not responded even to a single one of them.

Khaketla said they had also written six letters to the Archbishop of Cape Town and he has also not responded.
Khaketla said the bishop goes “all over the country preaching about us at different churches”.

“He writes letters that are read to congregations across the country. We have no way of getting our side of the story to the people,” he said.
For the past three years Khaketla has been complaining that Taaso runs the church like his fiefdom.
When Makgoba intervened, Khaketla saw him as taking sides with Taaso.

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