Diplomat takes on PS

Diplomat takes on PS

MASERU – THERE is chaos in the Foreign Affairs Ministry amid revelation of a ‘cat fight’ between Ambassador Lineo Molise-Mabusela and her boss.
Molise-Mabusela, Lesotho’s ambassador to Italy, has dispatched an angry letter to Foreign Affairs Ministry’s principal secretary ’Mamonyane Bohloko, accusing her of being disrespectful and breaching protocol.

She accuses Bohloko of embarrassing Agriculture Minister Mahala Molapo, after she monopolised the mission’s car when she went to Italy in February for an impromptu audit.
Molise-Mabusela says Bohloko kept the car when she knew well that the minister wanted to attend meetings.
This is in a savingram is copied to Foreign Affairs Minister Lesego Makgothi and Government Secretary Moahloli Mphaka.

Molise-Mabusela says in February when Molapo led Lesotho’s delegation to Italy Bohloko, “well aware that the Honourable Minister and his delegation are continuing with the meeting and that I am accompanying him”, demanded the car.
“I explained that it will not be possible to give you the car since you already had the official utility car,” Molise-Mabusela’s savingram reads.
“While I explained that I could not release the car to you as it was being used by the Hon.

Minister, you embarked on your perpetual streak of calls harassing me demanding the car,” she said.
“Even when I humbly asked you to exercise your discretion as PS Foreign and take all the cars and I would put the Hon Minister in a taxi, you would not allow me to sit in the meeting peacefully and listen so that I could advise the Hon Minister on the position of the country in the debates of the Governing Council of IFAD.”

Molise-Mabusela tells Bohloko that she literally took the attention of everyone, including Molapo, from the meeting as she clamoured for the car.
She says even after several attempts by Agriculture principal secretary intervening on behalf of the minister “you continued to bash me persistently with your non-stop WhatsApp calls”.
“You failed to exercise restraint and leave us in peace to continue with meetings even after you had taken a car that was hired for the Hon Minister’s delegation who had come from Maseru to attend the meeting.”

The ambassador says she was left embarrassed and ashamed as she “could not protect and defend His Majesty’s Minister from the attack of PS Foreign Affairs”.
“I personally feel that I have failed Hon Minister and have apologised unreservedly for this behaviour which has left me debilitated and in shock,” she said.
She says Bohloko demanded the car despite the fact that she knew that “it was the only car that we had as a mission because you deliberately refused my repeated pleas to you to allow us to pay for the release of the official utility car from the garage even after the insurance had paid”.
“You eventually took the car from the Hon Minister and went about your business leaving the

Hon Minister stuck at FAO Headquarters where he was attending the meeting,” she said.
“As if this was not enough you gave a direct instruction to the driver to take the Hon Minister early to the meeting the following day so that you could have the car at your leisure at 9:30 to take you to the office totally disregarding the fact that the same time that you demanded the car coincided with Hon Minister’s time of the meeting.”

Molise-Mabusela charges that it was clear that it was alright for Molapo to be compromised by being rushed to the meeting and waiting in the corridors of FAO as long as Bohloko could have her way.
“This left the Hon Minister, PS Agric, myself and the entire delegation in shock and in limbo as professional boundaries were crossed by the very same person whom is supposed to be the custodian of good governance in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

“While I have come to accept and live with the fact that you cross the professional boundary lines with me as you consistently do through your interaction with me over the phone, it is regrettable that this time, in your line of fire, you failed to observe, respect and acknowledge the Hon Minister even after the intervention of PS Agriculture Mr Nchaka.”

This week Molise-Mabusela said she was shocked that her letter to Bohloko has been leaked. She said she had nothing to say about the letter because it’s confidential.
Bohloko said she could not comment on the letter. “Such matters are confidential. They are discussed in the office not in the media,” she said.

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